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Landbot unofficial plugin

Landbot #

Landbot is a wrapper over ,its a Bot Builder Service

Features #

Currently Landbot supports subscribing to Stream of Webhooks , Getting Customer Data and Sending Messages to the Customers

Getting started #

Add Landbot to Dependencies

  landbot: any

Usage #

longer examples are into /example folder.

Create a Landbot instance

Landbot landbot = Landbot();

Make Sure to Initialise Landbot First before using it , and get the access token from Landbot Account Setting

await landbot.initialise(token: 'YOUR_LANDBOT_TOKEN');

Lanbot will initially start a server on ip:3000 with webhook endpoint as ip:3000/webhook we can change this port(3000) and default webhook endpoint(webhook) To Get data into this Stream , make sure to add this url ( http://YOUR_IP:3000/webhook ) to Landbot webhooks This Stream will Return Message Data , we can reply back to The Customer by using sendMessage function or you can genrate a url with ngrok if you are working on localhost

  StreamSubscription subscription =
      landbot.webhook.listen((MessageData messageData) {

        customerID: messageData.customer!.id!,
        message: 'Hello ${messageData.customer!.name}');

To send Message to the Customer , use

 await landbot.sendMessage(
      customerID:, message: 'Hello ${}');

To Get data of a Customer , use

 Customer? customer = await landbot.getCustomer(id: CUSTOMER_ID);

Additional information #

This is Just The Initial Version feel free to Contribute or Report any Bug!