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Chinese kinship/relationship calculator.

KinshipCalculator #

pub package

Chinese kinship/relationship calculator.


Features #

  • 性别设置
  • 同种称呼的多种叫法
  • 通过关系链计算称谓
  • 通过称谓计算关系链
  • 逆向查找称呼

Getting started #

add percent_indicator to your pubspec.yaml

将依赖添加到项目的 pubspec.yaml

  percent_indicator: ^2.0.0

then run pub get or flutter pub get for flutter project

然后运行 pub get, flutter 项目运行 flutter pub get

Usage #

import 'package:kinship_calculator/kinship_calculator.dart';

void main() {
  final demo = KinshipCalculator.calculate(KinshipOption(
    text: '爸爸的妈妈的哥哥',


For more example codes, please go to the example folder

更多的示例代码,请前往 example 文件夹

Thanks #

数据来源于 mumuy/relationship

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.