jsengine 2.0.1
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JS engine for flutter

JSEngine for dart, based on jerryscript.

Prerequisite #

Make sure you have created the libjerrywrapper.so (so file if linux system, or respective shared lib file).
Build instruction for jerryscriptwrapper shared lib is present inside jerryscriptwrapper folder of this source code.

Usage #

A simple usage example:

import 'package:jsengine/jsengine.dart';

JSEngine jsEngine = JSEngine(pathToLibSoFile: "jerryscriptwrapper/build/libjerryscriptwrapper.so");
  String mapfunct = 'function(doc){emit(doc.name,doc.age); }';
  String cf ="var giveEmitObject = function(){var map_results = [];var emit = function(key,value){ map_results.push({key:key, value: value});};return {map_results: map_results, emit: emit};};var mapThisDoc = function(documentStr){ var document = JSON.parse(documentStr); var emitObj= giveEmitObject(); var emit = emitObj.emit; ($mapfunct)(document); return JSON.stringify(emitObj.map_results);};mapThisDoc('{\"name\":\"Anurag Vohra\",\"age\":30}');";
  String result = jsEngine.runJSCode(cf);

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

Observation #

If your test are getting hanged, then delete the "build/testfile.dill.track.dill"