jb_responsive_breakpoints 5.0.0
jb_responsive_breakpoints: ^5.0.0

Dart 2 incompatible

A component providing media query breakpoints from css to angulardart components

jb_responsive_breakpoints #

An Angular Dart Service to register a listener function to media query updates without dealing with matchMedia.

Notice: Package renamed #

The Version 5.0 will be the latest version with the package name jb_responsive_breakpoints. The new package name is jb_media_query_service.

How to use #

Declare JbMediaQueryService as provider, inject it into your component (called mqService in example) and call
mqService.register(callbackFunction, minWidth: 300)
mqService.registerStringQuery(callbackFunction, '(minWidth:600px)'.

The register method provides a shortcut for the most used media queries, currently min-width and min-height media queries. If both are given, they will be connected by and. The registerStringQuery method allows you to register an arbitrary mediaQuery which is accepted by window.matchMedia.

Example #

Please look at the example folder in the Github Repository.

Build 'System' #

The build system consists of a script system with the 'scripts' package for dart. This works analoguous to the npm scripts feature.

Activate Scripts #

pub global activate scripts

Basic Scripts Commands #

  • scripts get
  • scripts install
  • scripts clean
  • scripts

Custom Scripts Commands #

  • check-pkg - checks package health for pub.dartlang.org with the pana package
  • format-src - format sources with dartfmt
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A component providing media query breakpoints from css to angulardart components

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