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A plugin that helps you create multiple isolates for a function, keep it active and compute with it (Also supports Worker.js on Web).

Isolate Manager #

Features #

  • Easy to create multiple isolate for a function, keep it active and comunicate with it.

  • Supports Worker on Web (Worker is the real Isolate on Web). The plugin will use Future (and Stream) if Worker is not available on the working browser or is not configured.

  • Multiple computes are allowed because the plugin will queues the input data and sends it to free isolate later.

BASIC USAGE (Use build-in function) #

There are multiple ways to use this package, the only thing to notice that the function have to be a static or top-level function to make it works.

Step 1: Create a top-level or static function #

double add(dynamic value) => value[0] + value[1];

Step 2: Create IsolateManager instance for that function #

final isolateManager = IsolateManager.create(
  add, // Function that you want to compute
  numOfIsolates: 4, // Number of concurrent isolates. Default is 1

Step 3: Initialize the instance #

await isolateManager.start();

Step 4: Send and receive data #

You can listen to the result as stream => print(result));

You can send even more times then numOfIsolates because the plugin will queues the input data and sends it to free isolate later.

// add([10, 20])
final result = await isolateManager.compute([10, 20]);

Build your widget with StreamBuilder

  builder: (context, snapshot) {
    if (!snapshot.hasData) {
      return const Center(
        child: CircularProgressIndicator(),
    return Text(
        'Result of the `add` function: ${}');

Step 5: Restart the IsolateManager if you need it #

await isolateManager.restart();

Step 6: Stop IsolateManager when it finishes work #

await isolateManager.stop();

ADVANCED USAGE (Use your own function) #

You can control everything with this method when you want to create multiple isolates for a function.

Step 1: Create a function of this form #

// Create your own function here
void isolateFunction(dynamic params) {
  // Initial the controller for child isolate
  final controller = IsolateManagerController<double>(
    onDispose: () {
      print('Dispose isolateFunction');

  // Get your initialParams.
  // Notice that this `initialParams` different from the `params` above.
  final initialParams = controller.initialParams;

  // Listen to the message receiving from main isolate
  controller.onIsolateMessage.listen((message) {
    // Do your stuff here
    final result = add(message[0], message[1]);
    // Send value back to your main process in stream [onMessage]

Step 2: Create IsolateManager instance for your own function #

final isolateManager = IsolateManager.createOwnIsolate(
      initialParams: 'This is initialParams',
      debugMode: true,

Step 3: Now you can use everything as above from this step #


  • Step 1: Download isolate_manager/worker/function_name.dart and rename it to the <function_name>.dart that you want to create isolate.

  • Step 2: Modify the function dynamic functionName(dynamic message) in the script to serves your purposes, then rename it to the same as the above <function_name> (Just helping you easier to remember for later use). You can also use the top-level or static function that you have created above.

    You should copy that function to separated file or copy to <function_name>.dart file to prevent the dart compile js error because some other functions depend on flutter library.

  • Step 3: Run dart compile js <function_name>.dart -o <function_name>.js -O4 to compile dart to js (-O0 to -O4 is the obfuscated level of js).

  • Step 4: Copy <function_name>.js to web folder (the same folder with index.html).

  • Step 5: Now you can add parameter workerName to your code like below:

    final isolateManager = IsolateManager.create(
        workerName: '<function_name>', // Ex: 'add' if the name is 'add.js'

    Now the plugin will handle all other action to make the real isolate works on Web.

Additional #

  • If the function_name.dart show errors for js package, you can add js to dev_dependencies:

      js: ^0.6.4
  • IsolateManager.create and createOwnIsolate include converter and workerConverter parameters which helping you to convert the result received from the Isolate (converter) and Worker (workerConverter) and send it to the result. Example:

    final isolateManager = IsolateManager.create(
      workerName: '<function_name>', // Ex: 'map_result' if the name is 'map_result.js'
      workerConverter: (result) {
        final Map<int, double> convert = {};
        // Convert Map<String, String> (received from Worker) to Map<int, double>
        (jsonDecode(result) as Map).forEach((key, value) => {
              convert.addAll({int.parse(key): double.parse(value)})
        return convert;

    Data flow: Main -> Isolate or Worker -> Converter -> Result

Contributions #

  • This plugin as an enhanced plugin for isolate_contactor: pub | git
  • If you encounter any problems or feel the library is missing a feature, please feel free to open an issue. Pull request are also welcome.

To-do list #

  • Find the best way to prevent using dart compile js.
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A plugin that helps you create multiple isolates for a function, keep it active and compute with it (Also supports Worker.js on Web).

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