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Extremely fast, easy to use, and fully async NoSQL database for Flutter.

3.1.0+1 #

Fixes #

  • Fixed error building MacOS library

3.1.0 #

Breaking #

Sorry for this breaking change. Unfortunately, it was necessary to fix stability issues on Android.

  • directory is now required for and Isar.openSync()

Fixes #

  • Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when opening Isar
  • Fixed a schema migration issue
  • Fixed an issue where embedded class renaming didn't work correctly

Enhancements #

  • Many internal improvements
  • Performance improvements

3.0.6 #

Fixes #

  • Add check to verify transactions are used for correct instance
  • Add check to verify that async transactions are still active
  • Fix upstream issue with opening databases

3.0.5 #

Enhancements #

  • Improved performance for all operations
  • Added maxSizeMiB option to to specify the maximum size of the database file
  • Significantly reduced native library size
  • With the help of the community, the docs have been translated into a range of languages
  • Improved API docs
  • Added integration tests for more platforms to ensure high-quality releases
  • Support for unicode paths on Windows

Fixes #

  • Fixed crash while opening Isar
  • Fixed crash on older Android devices
  • Fixed a native port that was not closed correctly in some cases
  • Added swift version to podspec
  • Fixed crash on Windows
  • Fixed "IndexNotFound" error

3.0.4 #


3.0.3 #


3.0.2 #

Enhancements #

  • The Inspector now supports creating objects and importing JSON
  • Added Inspector check to make sure Chrome is used

Fixes #

  • Added support for the latest analyzer
  • Fixed native ports that were not closed correctly in some cases
  • Added support for Ubuntu 18.04 and older
  • Fixed issue with aborting transactions
  • Fixed crash when invalid JSON was provided to importJsonRaw()
  • Added missing exportJsonSync() and exportJsonRawSync()
  • Fixed issue where secondary instance could not be selected in the Inspector

3.0.1 #

Enhancements #

  • Support for arm64 iOS Simulators

Fixes #

  • Fixed issue where .anyOf(), .allOf(), and .oneOf() could not be negated
  • Fixed too low min-iOS version. The minimum supported is 11.0
  • Fixed error during macOS App Store build

3.0.0 #

This release has been a lot of work! Thanks to everyone who contributed and joined the countless discussions. You are really awesome!

Special thanks to @Jtplouffe and @Peyman for their incredible work.

Web support #

This version does not support the web target yet. It will be back in the next version. Please continue using 2.5.0 if you need web support.

Enhancements #

  • Completely new Isar inspector that does not need to be installed anymore
  • Extreme performance improvements for almost all operations (up to 50%)
  • Support for embedded objects using @embedded
  • Support for enums using @enumerated
  • Vastly improved Isar binary format space efficiency resulting in about 20% smaller databases
  • Added id, byte, short and float typedefs
  • IsarLinks now support all Set methods based on the Isar Id of objects
  • Added download option to Isar.initializeIsarCore() to download binaries automatically
  • Added replace option for indexes
  • Added verification for correct Isar binary version
  • Added collection.getSize() and collection.getSizeSync()
  • Added query.anyOf() and query.allOf() query modifiers
  • Support for much more complex composite index queries
  • Support for logical XOR and the .oneOf() query modifier
  • Made providing a path optional
  • The default Isar name is now default and stored in dir/name.isar and dir/name.isar.lock
  • On non-web platforms, IsarLink and IsarLinks will load automatically
  • .putSync(), .putAllSync() etc. will now save links recursively by default
  • Added isar.getSize() and isar.getSizeSync()
  • Added linksLengthEqualTo(), linksIsEmpty(), linksIsNotEmpty(), linksLengthGreaterThan(), linksLengthLessThan(), linksLengthBetween() and linkIsNull() filters
  • Added listLengthEqualTo(), listIsEmpty(), listIsNotEmpty(), listLengthGreaterThan(), listLengthLessThan(), listLengthBetween() filters
  • Added isNotNull() filters
  • Added compactOnLaunch conditions to for automatic database compaction
  • Added isar.copyToFile() which copies a compacted version of the database to a path
  • Added check to verify that linked collections schemas are provided for opening an instance
  • Apply default values from constructor during deserialization
  • Added isar.verify() and col.verify() methods for checking database integrity in unit tests
  • Added missing float and double queries and an epsilon parameter

Breaking changes #

  • Removed TypeConverter support in favor of @embedded and @enumerated
  • Removed @Id() and @Size32() annotations in favor of the Id and short types
  • Changed the schemas parameter from named to positional
  • The maximum size of objects is now 16MB
  • Removed replaceOnConflict and saveLinks parameter from collection.put() and collection.putAll()
  • Removed isar parameter from Isar.txn(), Isar.writeTxn(), Isar.txnSync() and Isar.writeTxnSync()
  • Removed query.repeat()
  • Removed query.sortById() and query.distinctById()
  • Fixed .or() instead of .and() being used implicitly when combining filters
  • Renamed multi-entry where clauses from .yourListAnyEqualTo() to .yourListElementEqualTo() to avoid confusion
  • Isar will no longer create the provided directory. Make sure it exists before opening an Isar Instance.
  • Changed the default index type for all Lists to IndexType.hash
  • Renamed isar.getCollection() to isar.collection()
  • It is no longer allowed to extend or implement another collection
  • Unsupported properties will no longer be ignored by default
  • Renamed the initialReturn parameter to fireImmediately
  • Renamed Isar.initializeLibraries() to Isar.initializeIsarCore()

Fixes #

There are too many fixes to list them all.

  • A lot of link fixes and a slight behavior change to make them super reliable
  • Fixed missing symbols on older Android phones
  • Fixed composite queries
  • Fixed various generator issues
  • Fixed error retrieving the id property in a query
  • Fixed missing symbols on 32-bit Android 5 & 6 devices
  • Fixed inconsistent null handling in json export
  • Fixed default directory issue on Android
  • Fixed different where clauses returning duplicate results
  • Fixed hash index issue where multiple list values resulted in the same hash
  • Fixed edge case where creating a new index failed

2.5.0 #

Enhancements #

  • Support for Android x86 (32 bit emulator) and macOS arm64 (Apple Silicon)
  • Greatly improved test coverage for sync methods
  • col.clear() now resets the auto increment counter to 0
  • Significantly reduced Isar Core binary size (about 1.4MB -> 800KB)

Minor Breaking #

  • Changed initializeLibraries(Map<String, String> libraries) to initializeLibraries(Map<IsarAbi, String> libraries)
  • Changed min Dart SDK to 2.16.0

Fixes #

  • Fixed issue with IsarLink.saveSync()
  • Fixed id queries
  • Fixed error thrown by BroadcastChannel in Firefox
  • Fixed Isar Inspector connection issue

2.4.0 #

Enhancements #

  • Support for querying links
  • Support for filtering and sorting links
  • Added methods to update and count links without loading them
  • Added isLoaded property to links
  • Added methods to count the number of objects in a collection
  • Big internal improvements

Minor Breaking #

  • There are now different kinds of where clauses for dynamic queries
  • isar.getCollection() no longer requires the name of the collection
  • Isar.instanceNames now returns a Set instead of a List

Fixes #

  • Fixed iOS crash that frequently happened on older devices
  • Fixed 32bit issue on Android
  • Fixed link issues
  • Fixed missing BroadcastChannel API for older Safari versions

2.2.1 #

Enhancements #

  • Reduced Isar web code size by 50%
  • Made directory parameter of optional for web
  • Made name parameter of Isar.getInstance() optional
  • Added Isar.defaultName constant
  • Enabled TypeConverters with supertypes
  • Added message if TypeConverter nullability doesn't match
  • Added more tests

Fixes #

  • Fixed issue with date queries
  • Fixed FilterGroup.not constructor (thanks for the PR @jtzell)

2.2.0 #

Isar now has full web support 🎉. No changes to your code required, just run it.

Web passes all unit tests but is still considered beta for now.

Minor Breaking #

  • Added saveLinks parameter to .put() and .putAll() which defaults to false
  • Changed default overrideChanges parameter of links.load() to true to avoid unintended behavior

Enhancements #

  • Full web support!
  • Improved write performance
  • Added deleteFromDisk option to isar.close()
  • Added .reset() and .resetSync() methods to IsarLink and IsarLinks
  • Improved performance
  • Added many tests

Fixed #

  • Fixed value of null dates to be DateTime.fromMillisecondsSinceEpoch(0)
  • Fixed problem with migration
  • Fixed incorrect list values for new properties ([] instead of null)
  • Improved handling of link edge-cases

2.1.4 #

  • Removed path dependency
  • Fixed incorrect return value of deleteByIndex()
  • Fixed wrong auto increment ids in some cases (thanks @robban112)
  • Fixed an issue with Isar.close() (thanks @msxenon)
  • Fixed $ escaping in generated code (thanks @jtzell)
  • Fixed broken link in example page

2.1.0 #

isar_connect is now integrated into isar

Enhancements #

  • Added check for outdated generated files
  • Added check for changed schema across isolates
  • Added Isar.openSync()
  • Added col.importJsonRawSync(), col.importJsonSync(), query.exportJsonRawSync(), query.exportJsonSync()
  • Improved performance for queries
  • Improved handling of ffi memory
  • More tests

Fixed #

  • Fixed issue where imported json required existing ids
  • Fixed issue with transaction handling (thanks @Peng-Qian for the awesome help)
  • Fixed issue with @Ignore annotation not always working
  • Fixed issue with getByIndex() not returning correct object id (thanks @jtzell)

2.0.0 #

Breaking #

  • The id for non-final objects is now assigned automatically after .put() and .putSync()
  • double and List<double> indexes can no longer be at the beginning of a composite index
  • List<double> indexes can no longer be hashed
  • .greaterThan(), .lessThan() and .between() filters and are now excluding for double values (>= -> >)
  • Changed the default index type for lists to IndexType.value
  • IsarLink and IsarLinks will no longer be initialized by Isar and must not be nullable or late.
  • Dart 2.14 or higher is required

Enhancements #

  • Added API docs for all public methods
  • Added isar.clear(), isar.clearSync(), col.clear() and col.clearSync()
  • Added col.filter() as shortcut for col.where().filter()
  • Added include parameter to .greaterThan() and .lessThan() filters and where clauses
  • Added includeLower and includeUpper parameters to .between() filters and where clauses
  • Added Isar.autoIncrement to allow non-nullable auto-incrementing ids
  • Isar.close() now returns whether the last instance was closed
  • List values in composite indexes are now of type IndexType.hash automatically
  • Allowed multiple indexes on the same property
  • Removed exported packages from API docs
  • Improved generated code
  • Improved Isar Core error messages
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Automatic XCode configuration
  • Updated analyzer to 3.0.0
  • More tests

Fixed #

  • IsarLink and IsarLinks can now be final
  • Fixed multi-entry index queries returning items multiple times in some cases
  • Fixed .anyLessThan() and .anyGreaterThan() issues
  • Fixed issues with backlinks
  • Fixed issue where query only returned the first 99999 results
  • Fixed issue with id where clauses
  • Fixed default index type for lists and bytes
  • Fixed issue where renaming indexes was not possible
  • Fixed issue where wrong index name was used for .getByX() and .deleteByX()
  • Fixed issue where composite indexes did not allow non-hashed Strings as last value
  • Fixed issue where @Ignore() fields were not ignored

1.0.5 #

Enhancements #

  • Updated dependencies

Fixes: #

  • Included desktop binaries
  • Fixed "Cannot allocate memory" error on older iOS devices
  • Fixed stripped binaries for iOS release builds
  • Fixed IsarInspector issues (thanks to RubenBez and rizzi37)

1.0.0+1 #

Added missing binaries

1.0.0 #

Switched from liblmdb to libmdbx for better performance, more stability and many internal improvements.

Breaking #

The internal database format has been changed to improve performance. Old databases do not work anymore!

Fixes #

  • Fix issue with links being removed after object update
  • Fix String index problems

Enhancements #

  • Support greaterThan, lessThan and between queries for String values
  • Support for inheritance (enabled by default)
  • Support for final properties and getters
  • Support for freezed and other code generators
  • Support getting / deleting objects by a key col.deleteByName('Anne')
  • Support for list indexes (hash an element based)
  • Generator now creates individual files instead of one big file
  • Allow specifying the collection accessor name
  • Unsupported properties are now ignored automatically
  • Returns the assigned ids after .put() operations (objects are no longer mutated)
  • Introduces replaceOnConflict option for .put() (instead of specifying it for index)
  • many more...

Internal #

  • Improve generated code
  • Many new unit tests

0.4.0 #

Breaking #

  • Remove .where...In() and ...In() extension methods
  • Split .watch(lazy: bool) into .watch() and .watchLazy()
  • Remove include option for filters

Fixes #

  • Generate id for JSON imports that don't have an id
  • Enable sortBy and thenBy generation

Enhancements #

  • Add .optional() and .repeat() query modifiers
  • Support property queries
  • Support query aggregation
  • Support dynamic queries (for custom query languages)
  • Support multi package configuration with @ExternalCollection()
  • Add caseSensitive option to .distinctBy()

Internal #

  • Change iOS linking
  • Improve generated code
  • Set up integration tests and improve unit tests
  • Use CORE/0.4.0

0.2.0 #

  • Link support
  • Many improvements and fixes

0.1.0 #

  • Support for links and backlinks

0.0.4 #

  • Bugfixes and many improvements

0.0.2 #

Fix dependency issue

0.0.1 #

Initial release

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Extremely fast, easy to use, and fully async NoSQL database for Flutter.

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