introduction_screen 1.0.9

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Introduction/Onboarding package for flutter app with some customizations possibilities

Changelog #

1.0.9 #

  • You can now access to next function
  • Add mounted check before setState (PR#24)
  • You can now press the dots indicators to change the page (can be disabled)

1.0.8 #

  • You can now access to IntroductionScreenState (for controller, animateScroll or skipToEnd functions)
  • Add public function to go to last page (skip to end)
  • Fix PageMetric type issue

1.0.7 #

  • Breaking changes : dotsDecoration is now for all pages
  • Add new parameters to handle paddings (image, title, body, ..)
  • Using latest dots_indicator package to support "animate" dots
  • Improve example app and update demo gifs on Readme

1.0.6 #

  • Breaking changes : title and body are now named parameters
  • You can now add titleWidget to have a title as Widget instead of String
  • You can now add bodyWidget to have a body as Widget instead of String

1.0.5+2 #

  • Fix next button disable

1.0.5+1 #

  • Improve example code
  • Fix README mistake

1.0.5 #

  • Add globalBackgroundColor property to define background color for all transparent pages
  • Add showNextButton property to set Next button visible or not

1.0.4 #

  • Add possibility to define flex ratio for skip, dots and next/done button.

1.0.3+1 #

  • Update dots_indicator library to 0.0.5+1

1.0.3 #

  • Breaking changes : Update dots_indicator library, now you must/can provide dots customizations with DotsDecorator model with dotsDecorator property of PageDecoration.

1.0.2 #

  • Breaking changes : All page customization has been moved to PageDecoration model
  • Improve layout of the page
  • Add imageFlex and bodyFlex parameter on PageDecoration, to custom flex ratio
  • Improve example app

1.0.1 #

  • Add scrollview on page content to handle small screen

1.0.0 #

  • Breaking changes : image (Widget) parameter is now optional
  • Add possibility to provide BoxDecoration (Thanks to
  • Add possibility to override default onSkip method

0.0.5 #

  • Breaking changes : done (Widget) parameter is now required
  • Breaking changes : skip (Widget) parameter is now required if you set showSkipButton: true
  • Fix bug
  • Add onChange listener
  • Add possibility to add a footer (like a button)
  • Add animation duration
  • Add possibility to define the initial page
  • Add possibility to freeze the scroll

0.0.4 #

  • Improve customization
  • Change String type to Widget for buttons, to set an Icon for example
  • Remove nextText parameter, use next instead
  • Remove doneText parameter, use done instead
  • Remove skipText parameter, use skip instead

0.0.3 #

  • Fix design padding layout on small device
  • Improve layout Expanded flex

0.0.2 #

  • Published on Pub
  • Fix bugs

0.0.1 #

  • First version
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Introduction/Onboarding package for flutter app with some customizations possibilities

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