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A new Flutter project.

insuideindoor #

import the Package of dart file import 'package:insuideindoor/main.dart';

define body as InsuideMapHomePage();

For Example

return Scaffold( body: HomePage(), // This trailing comma makes auto-formatting nicer for build methods. );


If A problem occurred evaluating project ':mapbox_gl'. SDK Registry token is null.

define MAPBOX_DOWNLOADS_TOKEN in Open up your project-level build.gradle file, and add the code below to declare the endpoint in the repositories block:

allprojects { repositories { maven { url '' authentication { basic(BasicAuthentication) } credentials { // Do not change the username below. // This should always be mapbox (not your username). username = "mapbox" // Use the secret token you stored in as the password password =['MAPBOX_DOWNLOADS_TOKEN'] ?: "" } } } }