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validation form inputs and data in Dart & Flutter like Laravel framework

Flutter Inspection Package

Pub License: MIT

Inspection #

With Inspection you can validate your inputs in Flutter & Dart like Laravel Framework.

How to install : #

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  inspection: ^0.0.13

Then You can install packages from the command line:

$ pub get


$ flutter pub get

Alternatively, your editor might support flutter pub get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:inspection/inspection.dart';

Basic Usage : #

You have a form , you want to validate inputs everyday in programming . With Inspection you can validate your inputs in Dart like Laravel Framework . See examples below .

You expect a required number with many conditions and rules : In this case , we get help from Inspection helper function .

    validator: (input) => inspection(input, 'required|numeric|between:2000,6000|contains:22,33,55|ends_with:0'),

You can use Inspection class :

    validator: (input) => Inspection().inspect(input, 'required|float'),

And you can use helper function and Inspection class with List of rules , so you can make a global validation configuration List and you can change your rules in whole of the application whenever you want.

    validator: (input) => inspection(input, ['required','float']),


    validator: (input) => inspect(input, ['required','float']),

Options : #

You can set attribute name , custom message and locale . For example :

    validator: (input) => inspect(input, 'required|float',message: 'my custom message here !'),

Rules : #

iran_national_codeInput must be a iranian national codeinspect(input,'iran_national_code')
have_alphaThe attribute must have alpha in itinspect(input,'have_alpha')
alpha_numThe attribute must contains only letters and numbersinspect(input,'alpha_num')
betweenThe attribute must be between :min and :maxinspect(input,'between:3,9')
containsThe attribute must contains one of your worldsinspect(input,'contains:farid,farhad')
emailThe attribute must be a valid emailinspect(input,'email')
ends_withThe attribute must ends with your patterninspect(input,'ends_with:bye')
gtThe attribute must grater than :gtinspect(input,'gt:10')
gteThe attribute must grater than or equal to :gteinspect(input,'gte:10')
hexThe attribute must be a valid hex codeinspect(input,'hex')
inThe attribute must be one of options in your listinspect(input,'in:farid,farhad,john')
ipThe attribute must be a valid IPinspect(input,'ip')
ltThe attribute must be less than :ltinspect(input,'lt:100')
lteThe attribute must be less than or equal to :lteinspect(input,'lte:100')
maxThe attribute must have maximum :max characterinspect(input,'max:10')
minThe attribute must have at least :min characterinspect(input,'min:3')
not_inThe attribute must not exists in list :not_ininspect(input,'not_in:saman,ahmad')
numericThe attribute must be a numberinspect(input,'numeric')
alphaThe attribute must contains only lettersinspect(input,'alpha')
floatThe attribute must be floatinspect(input,'float')
integerThe attribute must be integerinspect(input,'integer')
numberThe attribute must contains only numberinspect(input,'number')
regexThe attribute must match with regexinspect(input,'regex:^[a-zA-Z0-9]')
requiredThe attribute field is requiredinspect(input,'required')
starts_withThe attribute must starts with your patterninspect(input,'starts_with:hi')
urlThe attribute must be a valid urlinspect(input,'url')

Locales : #

Inspection supports two languages now . English with code : en , and Persian with code fa . You can set locale when initialize inspection or in optional parameter of inspect method. For example :

    validator: (input) => Inspection(inspectionLocale : 'fa').inspect(input, 'required|in:farid,farhad'),


    validator: (input) => Inspection().inspect(input, 'required|in:farid,farhad',locale:'fa'),

Custom Rules : #

You can simply extend from Inspection class and develop your custom rule . For example :

class CustomInspection extends Inspection {
  String myCustomRule(ruleString, inspectionCase) {
    switch (ruleString) {
      case 'myCustomRule':
        // Your conditional codes here or copy from a Rule class and change it to your own . 
        return MyCustomeRuleClass(inspectionCase).stringValidation();
    return null;

Contribute : #

You can help me and contribute for :

  • New rules
  • More locales
  • Better exceptions
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validation form inputs and data in Dart & Flutter like Laravel framework

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