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This package is maintained by Webinify

Are you looking for an online free service to handle errors, crash reports and so on ? You are at the right place. Cloud based inbase service to track your apps health with Webinify advantages.

This is the core package of inbase for Flutter apps. You must install this in order to use any plugins such as inbase_crashlitycs !

Features #

This package enables your app to be registered and works with all extended plugins.

Getting started #

All that you'll need to initiate the package in the main function and you are set to use any inbase extended packages like:

  • inbase_crashlitycs

More packages are on the way...

Usage #

 main() async {
  /// Here we initiate the inBase package
  await InBase.initializeApp(
          projectId: YOUR_RPOJECT_ID, 
          apiKey: YOUR_PROJECT_API_KEY, 
          showToastOnError: true

Additional information #

This package is under development and can't be used at this stage.