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A plugin to wrap HyperPay mobile SDK for iOS and Android, used to accept payments in Flutter apps using HyperPay Payments Gateway.

HyperPay Flutter Plugin #

This plugin is a wrapper around HyperPay iOS and Android SDK, it's still in alpha release, and supports limited set of functionality and brands.

Note: this plugin is unofficial.

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Support Checklist #

✔️ Credit Card payment VISA, MasterCard
✔️ Local Saudi payment with MADA
✔️ Apple Pay
✔️ Check payment status
✔️ Custom UI
✖️ Ready UI

Getting Started #

iOS Setup #

  1. Add your Bundle Identifier as a URL Type.
    Open ios folder using Xcode, make sure you select Runner traget, then go to Info tab, and there add a new URL type, then paste your Bundle Identifier and append .payments to it.

  2. Open Podfile, and paste the following inside of it:

target 'Runner' do

  flutter_install_all_ios_pods File.dirname(File.realpath(__FILE__))
  # Add from here
  pod 'oppwamobile', :git => 'https://github.com/nyartech/oppwamobile-ios-sdk.git'

  $static_framework = ['hyperpay']

  pre_install do |installer|
    Pod::Installer::Xcode::TargetValidator.send(:define_method, :verify_no_static_framework_transitive_dependencies) {}
    installer.pod_targets.each do |pod|
        if $static_framework.include?(pod.name)
          def pod.build_type;
  # To here

Android Setup #

  1. Open android/app/build.gradle and add the following lines:
implementation (name:'oppwa.mobile-4.5.0-release', ext:'aar')
  1. Open app/build.gradle and make sure that the minSdkVersion is 21, and compileSdkVersion is 33.
  2. Open your AndroidManifest.xml, and make sure it looks like the example app.
    IMPORTANT: the scheme you choose should match exactly your application ID but without any underscores, and then append .payments to it.
    For example: com.nyartech.hyperpay_example becomes com.nyartech.hyperpayexample.payments

Migration to v1.0.0

On older versions of the plugin, adding the AAR SDK file manually on Android was required. Now it's not. To migrate:

  1. Remove any of these dependencies in your app/build.gradle:
implementation project(":oppwa.mobile")
implementation "androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.3.1"
implementation "com.google.android.material:material:1.4.0"
implementation "com.google.android.gms:play-services-base:17.6.0"
  1. Add a dependency over the AAR file:
implementation (name:'oppwa.mobile-4.5.0-release', ext:'aar')
  1. in settings.gradle, remove the following line:
include ':oppwa.mobile'
  1. Finally, remove the folder oppwa.mobile from the root android folder in your app.

Setup Required Endpoints #

It's important to setup your own server with 2 endpoints:

  1. Get Checkout ID
  2. Get payment status

Find full details on set up your server page.

After that, setup 2 Uri objects with your endpoints specifications, refer to example/lib/constants for an example.

String _host = 'YOUR_HOST';

Uri checkoutEndpoint = Uri(
  scheme: 'https',
  host: _host,
  path: '',

Uri statusEndpoint = Uri(
  scheme: 'https',
  host: _host,
  path: '',

Setup HyperPay Environment Configuration #

The first time you launch your app, setup the plugin with your configurations, it's highly recommended to use flavors to switch between modes.

Implement HyperpayConfig class and put your merchant entity IDs as provided to you by HyperPay.

class TestConfig implements HyperpayConfig {
  String? creditcardEntityID = '';

  String? madaEntityID = '';

  String? applePayEntityID = '';

  Uri checkoutEndpoint = _checkoutEndpoint;

  Uri statusEndpoint = _statusEndpoint;

  PaymentMode paymentMode = PaymentMode.test;

Then you might consider using Dart environment variables to switch between Test and Live modes.

const bool isDev = bool.fromEnvironment('DEV');

void setup() async {
  await HyperpayPlugin.instance.setup(
    config: isDev? TestConfig() : LiveConfig(),

Usage #

Refer to example directory for a full app usage example. As this is still an alpha release, consider testing your implementation first in the example app before starting in your own app.

Contribution #

For any problems, please file an issue.

Contributions are more than welcome to fix bugs or extend this plugin!

Maintainers #

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A plugin to wrap HyperPay mobile SDK for iOS and Android, used to accept payments in Flutter apps using HyperPay Payments Gateway.

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