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outdatedDart 1 only

A HTTP/2 implementation in Dart.

Changelog #

0.1.5 #

  • Removed use of new Function syntax, since it isn't fully supported in Dart 1.24.

0.1.4 #

  • Added an onActiveStateChanged callback to Connection, which is invoked when the connection changes state from idle to active or from active to idle. This can be used to implement an idle connection timeout.

0.1.3 #

  • Fixed a bug where a closed window would not open correctly due to an increase in initial window size.

0.1.2 #

  • The endStream bit is now set on the requested frame, instead of on an empty data frame following it.
  • Added an onTerminated hook that is called when a TransportStream receives a RST_STREAM frame.

0.1.1+2 #

  • Add errorCode to exception toString message.

0.1.1+1 #

  • Fixing a performance issue in case the underlying socket is not writeable
  • Allow clients of MultiProtocolHttpServer to supply [http.ServerSettings]
  • Allow the draft version 'h2-14' in the ALPN protocol negogiation.

0.1.1 #

  • Adding support for MultiProtocolHttpServer in the package:http2/multiprotocol_server.dart library

0.1.0 #

  • First version of a HTTP/2 transport implementation in the package:http2/transport.dart library

0.0.1 #

  • Initial version