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Imports Application Resource Bundle (ARB) from Google Sheets documents

Import translations from Google Sheets #

pub package

  • Import Application Resource Bundle (ARB) from Google Sheets
  • automatically create Dart intl classes
  • group translations by categories (context)
  • supports placeholders and plurals

Usage #

Import Translation files from the Google Sheet #

  1. Setup plugin configuration yaml file (you only need to do it once.)

  2. Import ARB and Dart source files from the Google Sheet

     pub run gsheet_to_arb:import

    or for flutter

     flutter pub run gsheet_to_arb:import

Setup #

1. Create translation spreadsheet based on the template #

2. Create Google Sheets API credentials either by using Client or Server authentication. #

3. Configure your Dart project #

  1. Add gsheet_to_arb dev dependency to the pubspec.yaml

       gsheet_to_arb: ^0.1.8
  2. Updated dependencies pub update

  3. Create plugin configuration

     pub run gsheet_to_arb:import --create-config
  • It will add plugin configuration to the pubspec.yaml file and create gsheet_to_arb.yaml authentication file for the gsheet credentials
  1. Update plugin configuration created in pubspec.yaml e.g.

         arb_file_prefix: 'intl' # suffix of the created arb files e.g. intl_en.arb
         localization_file_name: 'l10n' # Genrated intl dart file name e.g. L10n.dart
         output_directory: 'lib/l10n' # where all the dart and arb data are stored
         add_context_prefix: false # should add category prefix to the keys e.g. common_app_title
             auth_file: './gsheet_to_arb.yaml' # file with the gsheet authentication configuration
             category_prefix: "# " 
             document_id: 'TODO'
             sheet_id: '0'
             columns: # This is an optional setting, if unused will fallback to default values
                 key: 0 # The column where the key for the translation is, defaults to 0
                 description: 1 # The column where the description is, defaults to 1
                 first_language_key: 2 # The first column for the language copy, assumes that all other columns after this one also contains a language translation, defaults to 2
             rows: # This is an optional setting, if unused will fallback to default values
                 header_row: 0 # The header row containing the title for each column, such as language codes, defaults to 0
                 first_translation_row: 1 # The first row containing transaltions that should be parsed, assumes that all rows after this one also should be parsed, defaults 1
  2. Update gsheet authentication configuration created in gsheet_to_arb.yaml

  • either add client
          client_id: "TODO"
          client_secret: "TODO"
  • or server credentials
          client_id: "TODO"
          client_email: "TODO"
          private_key: "TODO"

Spreadsheet format #

Rows #

  • the first row is reserved for the header section and contains label of the related columns
  • other rows
    • if rows start with the category_prefix value (# default) all the following rows will use the category as a context (see: ARB context, and add_context_prefix parameter)
    • empty rows are ignored
    • rows with an empty key column are ignored

Columns #

  • the first column key contains either key name or category prefix
  • the second column description contains item description
  • all the following column (language codes e.g. en, pl etc.) contains traslation files
  • will start parsing from the first language column and stop parsing on the last column or the first empty column, which ever comes first

Values #

  • Placeholder

    • simply add {placeholder_name} to the translation
  • Plurals

    • plurals are identified by the key metadata - if key ends with one of the following
      • zero, one, two, few, many, other - it's considered as a plural
      • plural use special placeholder {count} to mark value provied as a translation parameter


  • support placeholder parameter types (e.g. int, date, text, double) - {items, int}
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Imports Application Resource Bundle (ARB) from Google Sheets documents

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