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Groveman tree that sends its logs to Firebase Crashlytics through recordError and logs.

Groveman Crashlytics #

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Tree for the groveman.

It sends your logs to the Firebase Crashlytics.

Usage #

First, configure the Firebase Crashlytics, for it, see the documentation.

By default, if use Groveman.captureErrorInCurrentIsolate, its log level is fatal, this is configurable.

Groveman.captureErrorInCurrentIsolate(logLevel: LogLevel.error);

Add it in your pubspec.yaml:

  // Only to send the fatal log levels

Import it where you want to use it e.g, in your main file.

import 'package:groveman/groveman.dart';
import 'package:groveman_crashlytics/groveman_crashlytics.dart';

Initialize crashlytics tree on start of your application.

void main() {  
  Groveman.captureErrorInZone(() async {
    await Firebase.initializeApp();
    if (kReleaseMode) {
    runApp(const MyApp());

Usually, you only send your logs in production.

By default, the log levels info, warning, error, and fatal are sent to Crashlytics.

Groveman.error(message, error: exception);

If the LogRecord.message contains an error, it will be sent using crashlytics.recordError where LogRecord.error is passed as error, LogRecord.stackTrace is passed as stackTrace, LogRecord.message is passed as reason and fatal is true if the LogRecord.level is also fatal, otherwise, is used crashlytics.log, passing the LogRecord.message as message.

To custom, pass the levels that desire to send when creating the Crashlytics Tree.

    CrashlyticsTree(logLevels: [

📝 License #

Copyright © 2022 Kauê Martins
This project is MIT licensed