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Grinder - a task based, dependency aware build system.

grinder.dart changes #

0.6.5 (2015/1/13) #

  • added defaultInit() and defaultClean() methods, for common tasks
  • added methods for and
  • added an optional workingDirectory argument to more methods
  • added a --version command line flag
  • have the version command check to see if there's a newer version of grinder available
  • the dart2js compile tasks now create the output directory if it doesn't exist

0.6.4 (2014/12/18) #

  • clarify that users should put their build scripts in tools/grind.dart
  • add a getSdkDir method

0.6.2 (2014/11/13) #

  • widen the version constraint on quiver

0.6.1 (2014/10/12) #

  • widen the version constraint on args

0.6.0 (2014/09/22) #

The convenience API is now more terse:

  • the defineTask() method has been renamed to task()
  • instead of named parameters, the task() function now uses optional positional parameters

Added two new entrypoint files in bin/: grind.dart and grinder.dart. These let you run grinder via:

pub run grinder test

They look for a corresponding grinder script in the tool directory (bin/grind.dart looks for tool/grind.dart and bin/grinder.dart looks for tool/grinder.dart). If they find a corresponding script they run it in a new Dart VM process. This means that projects will no longer have to have a script in the root of each project.

PubTool's build methods now take an optional workingDirectory argument.

Removed runSdkBinary and runSdkBinaryAsync, and they are no longer needed. Use runProcess and runProcessAsync instead.

The methods on PubTools and Dart2jsTools are now static - you no longer need to create an instance to use them. Also, PubTools was renamed to Pub and Dart2jsTools was renamed to Dart2js. And a new utility class for dartanalyzer - Analyzer - was created.

0.5.7 (2014/07/28) #

  • added runProcessAsync() and related async methods (such as PubTools.buildAsync(...))
  • removed duplicated stack traces when the build fails with exceptions
  • throw an exception when running SDK binaries, and we are not able to locate the Dart SDK
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Grinder - a task based, dependency aware build system.

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