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A package to include fonts from

google_fonts #

The GoogleFonts package for Flutter allows you to easily use any of the 960 fonts (and their variants) from in your flutter app.

WARNING: This package is currently in preview and should not be used in production.

Getting Started #

With the GoogleFonts package, ttf files do not need to be stored in your assets folder and mapped in the pubspec. Instead, they are fetched once via http at runtime, and stored in the apps local disk space. This is ideal for development, and can be the preferred behavior for production apps that are looking to save space in the initial app bundle size.

First, import GoogleFonts:

import 'package:google_fonts/google_fonts.dart';

To use google fonts with the default TextStyle:

  'This is Google Fonts',
  style: GoogleFonts.lato(),

To use google fonts with an existing TextStyle:

  'This is Google Fonts',
  style: GoogleFonts.lato(textStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 18)),


  'This is Google Fonts',
  style: GoogleFonts.lato(textStyle: Theme.of(context).textTheme.display1),

To override the fontWeight and/or fontStyle:

  'This is Google Fonts',
  style: GoogleFonts.lato(
    textStyle: Theme.of(context).textTheme.display1,
    fontWeight: FontWeight.w700,
    fontStyle: FontStyle.italic,

What's Next? #

In the case where you do want to bundle the ttf for your font in your app's bundle, and still use this GoogleFonts library, you will be able to additionally store the ttf in your app's assets, and the GoogleFonts library will defer to that location before fetching from http. This means you will get the best of both worlds by developing with access to all fonts and using the GoogleFonts library API, but also pre-bundle the ttf that you want available immediately and without an internet connection, without having to change any dart code.

This feature will be in a future release.

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A package to include fonts from



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