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Flutter Plugin for viewing Fountain markup documents on Android and iOS.

Flutter Fountain View #

FountainView is a Flutter plugin used for displaying Fountain screenplay documents. It takes a single string and displays the formatted document in a widget.

This Flutter Plugin is created using the Xamarin library FountainSharp written in F#.

This is possible with the use of Embeddinator-4000 which allows the creation of native libraries from Xamarin .NET libraries. The native Android (.aar) and iOS (Framework) is then embedded in a Flutter Plugin that can then be reused in any Flutter application.

For example, the Big Fish sample fountain doc looks like this when rendered. image info

Usage #

Usage is very straight forward, simply construct a new FountainView widget and provide it with a string containing valid Fountain Markup text.

new FountainView(fountainText)

The text will be parsed and converted to HTML and displayed as using the flutter_html plugin.

Note I plan to switch to the recently released official webview_flutter once it is stable.

Known Issues #

If you get the following error on Android

 No assemblies found in '(null)' or '<unavailable>'. Assuming this is part of Fast Deployment.

Open the build.gradle file under android/app/ and add the follow config inside android {}

aaptOptions {
    noCompress 'dll'

Acknowledgments #

This plugin is made using FountainSharp with thanks to Bryan Costanich.

FountainSharp is an F# based Fountain Markdown processor for use via .NET/Xamarin projects.

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Flutter Plugin for viewing Fountain markup documents on Android and iOS.

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