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Form Generator for flutter

Form_Gen #

Features #

form_gen generates a form given a model. The model is decorated with @FormBuilder decoration and @FieldXXXX field decorations for each screen item and build_runner is run from the shell prompt to generate the form. The generated form and json operations to serialize and deserialize the model are generated and placed in a file with 'g.dart' extension.

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Getting started #

delete example/lib/profile.g.dart

Usage #

open integrated teminal and issue the following command

$ flutter pub run build_runner build

This step generates example/lib/profile.g.dart containing the code for the Profile screen ProfileForm() widget.

Using Form Gen #

The Form Gen package is used in conjunction with following packages.

  1. Json Serializable
  2. Json Annotation

The Json packages are used (to quote):

"To generate to/from JSON code for a class, annotate it with JsonSerializable. You can provide arguments to JsonSerializable to configure the generated code. You can also customize individual fields by annotating them with JsonKey and providing custom arguments. See the table below for details on the annotation values.

To generate a Dart field with the contents of a file containing JSON, use the JsonLiteral annotation. "

Import the package #

import 'package:json_annotation/json_annotation.dart';
import 'package:form_gen/form_gen.dart';

decorate the model class #

  platform: TargetPlatform.iOS,
class Profile {

    // decorate each field
        label: 'First name',
        hint: 'Enter your first name',
        enabled: true,
        inputDecoration: {'label': 'First name', 'hint': 'Enter your first name', 'helper': 'We need your first name', 'error': 'Please enter your first name'},
        sequence: 0.0,
        validators: [
            FieldValidator.required: {'message': '"Please enter your first name"'}
    final String firstName;

Field Types Supported #

The following Form Field types are supported:

  1. CheckBox
  2. ChoiceChip
  3. Class - Groups fields together to support sub-fields
  4. DateRangePicker
  5. DateTimePicker
  6. DropdownHideUnderline
  7. Dropdown
  8. FilterChip
  9. Radio
  10. Slider
  11. Switch
  12. TextArea
  13. Text

Each field has a number of properties (invariably the same ones the the corresponding Flutter Widget has). See API Documentation for further info

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Form Generator for flutter

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