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International phone number field for FlutterFormBuilder package

Form Builder Phone Field #

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International phone number field for flutter_form_builder package.

Features #

  • Country selector
  • Automatic parsing international number

Use #

Setup #

No especific setup required: only install the dependency and use :)

Basic use #

  name: 'phone_number',
  decoration: const InputDecoration(
    labelText: 'Phone Number',
    hintText: 'Hint',
  priorityListByIsoCode: ['KE'],
  validator: FormBuilderValidators.compose([

See example tab or github code for more details

Support #

Contribute #

You have some ways to contribute to this packages

  • Beginner: Reporting bugs or request new features
  • Intermediate: Implement new features (from issues or not) and created pull requests
  • Advanced: Join to organization like a member and help coding, manage issues, dicuss new features and other things

See contribution file for more details

Questions and answers #

You can join to our Discord server or search answers in StackOverflow

Donations #

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Ecosystem #

Take a look to our awesome ecosystem and all packages in there

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