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Fluxivity is a package that allows you to build a reactive graph of your application's state.

Fluxivity #

Fluxivity is an experimental package to study the effect of building a reactive graph.

Package is available on pub.dev here

Why this package #

Despite the availability of a lot of state management solutions, I often find myself looking for simpler solutions that are bound by the following principles

  • Global app state
  • View Models should only contain value/data accessors and not the data themselves
  • It should be possible to construct a graph like structure of App state.
  • It should be possible to access latest data without waiting on a value
  • It should be possible to track changes to data if required
  • Have a functional approach to dealing with changes

Basic functionality #

There are 2 core classes

  • Reactive
  • Computed

A reactive class creates a reactive property and keeps track of its state publishing updates as the value changes through a stream. The latest value is always available as a static value without the need to call await or listen. However there is a stream available that can be listened to in case you want to listen for updates. The reactive class also contains a addEffect method to handle side effects as part of the mutation of the value. For example, updating data in a offline store, or syncing data to the backend.

There is an associated computed class that functions similar to a reactive class, however its value is always dependent on the classes it depends on for its value. The value of a computed class gets updated everytime the value of the dependent classes change. This can be used where derived values are necessary.

Example Usage #

You can also refer to the test files for example usage. I will add additional example apps when I find more time

CurrentPage page = CurrentPage({location: 'test'});

Reactive<String> appId = Reactve('app_123456789');
Reactive<CurrentPage> currentPage = Reactive(page);
Computed<String> location = Computed([currentPage], (List<Reactive<CurrentPage>> cpl ) {
    Reactive<CurrentPage> page = cpl.first();
    return page.location

// test
// test

page = CurrentPage({location: 'newLocation'});
currentPage.value = page;

currentPage.stream.listen((Snapshot<CurrentPage> snapshot) {
    //  test
    // newLocation

// newLocation
// newLocation

Example Use Cases of Fluxivity #

Read more examples at example/README.md

License #

MIT License at LICENSE

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Fluxivity is a package that allows you to build a reactive graph of your application's state.

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