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Command-line client for FlutterFlow. Export code from FlutterFlow projects.

FlutterFlow CLI #

FlutterFlow CLI client: download code from your FlutterFlow project to your device for local running or deployment.

API Token #

API access is available only to users with active subscriptions. Visit https://app.flutterflow.io/account to generate your API token.

Installation #

dart pub global activate flutterflow_cli

Usage #

flutterflow export-code --project <project id> --dest <output folder> --[no-]include-assets --token <token> --[no-]fix --[no-]parent-folder --[no-]as-module

  • Instead of passing --token you can set FLUTTERFLOW_API_TOKEN environment variable.
  • Instead of passing --project you can set FLUTTERFLOW_PROJECT environment variable.

Flags #

Flag Abbreviation Usage
--project -p [Required or environment variable] Project ID.
--token -t [Required or environment variable] API Token.
--dest -d [Optional] Output folder. Defaults to the current directory if none is specified.
--[no-]include-assets None [Optional] Whether to include media assets. Defaults to false.
--branch-name -b [Optional] Which branch to download. Defaults to main.
--[no-]fix None [Optional] Whether to run dart fix on the downloaded code. Defaults to false.
--[no-]parent-folder None [Optional] Whether to download code into a project-named sub-folder. If true, downloads all project files directly to the specified directory. Defaults to true.
--[no-]as-module None [Optional] Whether to generate the project as a Flutter module

Issues #

Please file any issues in this repository.

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Command-line client for FlutterFlow. Export code from FlutterFlow projects.

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