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Flutter WebRTC plugin for Tizen, based on GoogleWebRTC.

flutter_webrtc_tizen #

pub package

The Tizen implementation of flutter_webrtc.

Required privileges #

To use this plugin in a Tizen application, you may need to declare the following privileges in your tizen-manifest.xml file.

For Tizen TV devices :


For other Tizen devices :

  • The internet privilege (http://tizen.org/privilege/internet) is required to access the internet.
  • The recorder privilege (http://tizen.org/privilege/recorder) is required to record video and audio.
  • The camera privilege (http://tizen.org/privilege/camera) is required to use camera.

To use camera on Tizen TV devices, you need to add developer camera privilege (http://developer.samsung.com/privilege/camera) and have a partner level certificate.

Usage #

This package is not an endorsed implementation of flutter_webrtc. Therefore, you have to include flutter_webrtc_tizen alongside flutter_webrtc as dependencies in your pubspec.yaml file.

 flutter_webrtc: ^0.9.46
 flutter_webrtc_tizen: ^0.1.3

Functionality #

Feature Tizen
Audio/Video ✔️
Data Channel ✔️
Screen Capture [WIP]
Unified-Plan ✔️
Simulcast ✔️
MediaRecorder [WIP]
SFrame/FrameCryptor ✔️
Insertable Streams [WIP]

Supported devices #

This plugin is supported on Tizen devices running Tizen 6.0 or later.