flutter_systray 0.4.0
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A new flutter plugin project.

0.4.0 #

Settle with r10v systray fork for now

0.3.5 #

Clean up go dependencies

0.3.4 #

Replaced getlantern systray with r10v fork to improve menu behavior on windows (menu still doesn't always appear)

0.3.3 #

Fix import in windows implementation

0.3.2 #

Fix an issue where systray menu would sometimes not display in windows after startup.

0.3.1 #

Systray menu entries now display in order declared by Flutter app.

0.3.0 #

Made init call synchronous and made other changes that allow the plugin to work on MacOS correctly.

0.2.0 #

Replaced systray with trayhost Changed IPC format from serialized map to JSON Removed tooltips and icons from flutter_systray menu items as underlying library doesn't support them

0.1.1 #

Support for basic systray functionalities

0.0.1 #

A proof of concept