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A Simple plugin to implement settings UI screens for your flutter apps. Customize what you want, From UI elements, behaviour or underlying storage library.

0.2.2+1 #

  • complete dependency update to latest

0.2.2 #

  • remove autovalidate option to comply with new sdk changes
  • remove unnecessary use of Generic cache provider interface Set<E> getKeys<E>() -> Set getKeys()
    • reason for this is that generics may restrict some implementation in some way
    • to achieve the same effect as the generics implementation, one can just cast the set as they want
    • if the whole interface depends on generics only then the previous declaration makes sense.
  • update & fix example app code
  • plugin code organization & documentation updates

Developer Note:

  1. The sdk upgrade will be done in two stages - stage 1: only update the dependencies with code changes to comply with the updates - stage 2: update the flutter/dart sdk version along with the least version of supported dependencies
  2. Few of the next releases may contain some breaking changes in relation to cache provider implementation
  3. A few of the planned updates:
    • null safety support for library
    • cache provider structuring to support universal implementation, allows using any storage platform to be used like, shared_preferences, hive, flutter_secure_storage, etc
    • massive UI customization in terms of platforms & designs
    • conditional changes or changes with confirmation
    • settings value change observation

If you have any suggestions and/or support to offer please file an issue in the repository & let me know, use [Suggestion] or [FeatureRequest] tags in issue titles

0.2.1+1 #

  • improved overall alignment of settings tiles
  • update cache provide code to make asynchronous calls to setter methods
    • autoValidated parameter in text input settings is now deprecated and will be removed soon. User autoValidateMode parameter instead.
  • removed native platform dependency code as this library does not depend on native features. At least not directly.

0.2.1 #

  • SimpleSettingsTile will take any widget as child instead of only SettingsScreen
    • Breaking: parameter name changed from screen to child for consistency
  • Added subtitle property for most settings tiles to allow a describing how this setting may introduce change in behaviour of the app
  • Improved Settings title and subtitle text style for consistency in UI
  • SliderSettings now have 2 additional callbacks:
    • onChangeStart - allows detecting drag start event
    • onChangeEnd - allows detecting drag end event
      • Using this allows changing the slider value only when user stops sliding
  • Updated Example code to reflect latest features

0.2.0+1 #

  • improved plugin initialization, now supports async method call
  • resolved a bug where Radio Settings was not reflecting changes

0.2.0 #

  • complete re-do of the whole library
    • removed rx-dart dependency
    • improved the working of the many existing settings widgets
      • many of the choice based widgets now support any primitive value as input/output values instead of just strings
      • added more customization choices per setting widget
    • added a default cache provider which is based on shared_preferences library by flutter team
  • updated code documentation

Breaking Change:

Your existing use of some settings widgets might show error or not work as due to them being re-designed, like change in name/type of the parameters or the widget itself is renamed.

This was a major re-design/refactor of the library, so please re-test part of your code which uses this library.

0.1.0+0.2 #

  • update in license file

0.1.0+0.1 #

  • 0.1.0 release + update in documentation and sdk version constraints

0.1.0 #

  • first release

0.0.1 #

  • initial code release
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A Simple plugin to implement settings UI screens for your flutter apps. Customize what you want, From UI elements, behaviour or underlying storage library.

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