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Safely store access and refresh tokens, efficiently refreshing access tokens upon expiration.

Flutter Secure Token Manager #

What it does #

  • Secure Storage: Safely stores access token and refresh token.
  • Efficient Token Refresh: Efficiently renews access tokens upon expiration, ensuring a single refresh request even when multiple requests detect token expiry simultaneously.
  • Token Expiry Check: Provides a mechanism to check if tokens have expired (only for JWT).

Implementation Steps #

  1. Add Package: Include the package in your Flutter project.

      flutter_secure_token_manager: ^latest_version
  2. Set Tokens After Login: Use FlutterSecureTokenManager().setToken(Token(accessToken, refreshToken)) whenever there are changes to tokens.

  3. Implement Token Expiry Check: If your tokens are not JWT, set the expiry check logic (usually done once at the beginning).

    FlutterSecureTokenManager().isTokenExpired = (accessToken) async {
      // Your logic here
      // return true or flase; //
  4. Token Refresh Logic: Implement the logic for refreshing the token when it expires.

    FlutterSecureTokenManager().onTokenExpired = (refreshToken) async {
       // Your logic here to get new access token with refreshToken;
       // return newToken;
  5. Access Token Retrieval: Use FlutterSecureTokenManager().getAccessToken() wherever you need the access token. The package will handle the refresh automatically.

    headers: {
      "Authorization": "Bearer ${await FlutterSecureTokenManager().getAccessToken()}"

Note: Ensure these steps are appropriately integrated into your app flow, especially during the login process and before making authenticated requests.

🚀 Actively seeking feedback and suggestions for further enhancements to make this plugin even more valuable! Share your thoughts to contribute to its improvement. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or encounter issues. Happy coding! 🙌

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Safely store access and refresh tokens, efficiently refreshing access tokens upon expiration.



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