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A simple player for system default ringtones, alarms and notifications

flutter_ringtone_player #

A simple ringtone, alarm & notification player plugin.

pub package flutter

Usage #

Add following import to your code:

import 'package:flutter_ringtone_player/flutter_ringtone_player.dart';

Then simply call this to play system default notification sound:


There's also this generic method allowing you to specify in detail what kind of ringtone should be played:

  android: AndroidSounds.notification,
  ios: IosSounds.glass,
  looping: true, // Android only - API >= 28
  volume: 0.1, // Android only - API >= 28
  asAlarm: false, // Android only - all APIs

Also you can specify a custom ringtone from assets, or provide direct path to file that works for both Android and iOS:

FlutterRingtonePlayer().play(fromAsset: "assets/ringtone.wav");  
FlutterRingtonePlayer().play(fromFile: "assets/ringtone.wav");  

You can specify a platform specific ringtone and it will override the one from assets:

 fromAsset: "assets/ringtone.wav", // will be the sound on Android
 ios: IosSounds.glass 			   // will be the sound on iOS

.play*() optional attributes #

Attribute Description
bool looping Enables looping of ringtone. Requires FlutterRingtonePlayer().stop(); to stop ringing.
double volume Sets ringtone volume in range 0 to 1.0.
bool asAlarm Allows to ignore device's silent/vibration mode and play given sound anyway.

To stop looped ringtone please use:


Above works only on Android, and please note that by default Alarm & Ringtone sounds are looped.

Default sounds #

Method Android iOS
playAlarm RingtoneManager.TYPE_ALARM IosSounds.alarm
playNotification RingtoneManager.TYPE_NOTIFICATION IosSounds.triTone
playRingtone RingtoneManager.TYPE_RINGTONE IosSounds.electronic

Note on iOS sounds #

If you want to use any other sound on iOS you can always specify a valid Sound ID and manually construct [IosSound]:

  android: AndroidSounds.notification,
  ios: const IosSound(1023),
  looping: true,
  volume: 0.1,