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A flutter package to get polyline points by either passing the coordinates or google encoded polyline string


import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:google_maps_flutter/google_maps_flutter.dart';

import 'package:flutter_polyline_points/flutter_polyline_points.dart';

void main() => runApp(MyApp());

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  // This widget is the root of your application.
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
      title: 'Polyline example',
      theme: ThemeData(
        // This is the theme of your application.
        // Try running your application with "flutter run". You'll see the
        // application has a blue toolbar. Then, without quitting the app, try
        // changing the primarySwatch below to Colors.green and then invoke
        // "hot reload" (press "r" in the console where you ran "flutter run",
        // or simply save your changes to "hot reload" in a Flutter IDE).
        // Notice that the counter didn't reset back to zero; the application
        // is not restarted.
        primarySwatch: Colors.orange,
      home: MapScreen(),

class MapScreen extends StatefulWidget {
  _MapScreenState createState() => _MapScreenState();

class _MapScreenState extends State<MapScreen> {
  late GoogleMapController mapController;
  double _originLatitude = 6.5212402, _originLongitude = 3.3679965;
  double _destLatitude = 6.849660, _destLongitude = 3.648190;
  // double _originLatitude = 26.48424, _originLongitude = 50.04551;
  // double _destLatitude = 26.46423, _destLongitude = 50.06358;
  Map<MarkerId, Marker> markers = {};
  Map<PolylineId, Polyline> polylines = {};
  List<LatLng> polylineCoordinates = [];
  PolylinePoints polylinePoints = PolylinePoints();
  String googleAPiKey = "Please provide your api key";

  void initState() {

    /// origin marker
    _addMarker(LatLng(_originLatitude, _originLongitude), "origin",

    /// destination marker
    _addMarker(LatLng(_destLatitude, _destLongitude), "destination",

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return SafeArea(
      child: Scaffold(
          body: GoogleMap(
        initialCameraPosition: CameraPosition(
            target: LatLng(_originLatitude, _originLongitude), zoom: 15),
        myLocationEnabled: true,
        tiltGesturesEnabled: true,
        compassEnabled: true,
        scrollGesturesEnabled: true,
        zoomGesturesEnabled: true,
        onMapCreated: _onMapCreated,
        markers: Set<Marker>.of(markers.values),
        polylines: Set<Polyline>.of(polylines.values),

  void _onMapCreated(GoogleMapController controller) async {
    mapController = controller;

  _addMarker(LatLng position, String id, BitmapDescriptor descriptor) {
    MarkerId markerId = MarkerId(id);
    Marker marker =
        Marker(markerId: markerId, icon: descriptor, position: position);
    markers[markerId] = marker;

  _addPolyLine() {
    PolylineId id = PolylineId("poly");
    Polyline polyline = Polyline(
        polylineId: id, color: Colors.red, points: polylineCoordinates);
    polylines[id] = polyline;
    setState(() {});

  _getPolyline() async {
    PolylineResult result = await polylinePoints.getRouteBetweenCoordinates(
        PointLatLng(_originLatitude, _originLongitude),
        PointLatLng(_destLatitude, _destLongitude),
        travelMode: TravelMode.driving,
        wayPoints: [PolylineWayPoint(location: "Sabo, Yaba Lagos Nigeria")]);
    if (result.points.isNotEmpty) {
      result.points.forEach((PointLatLng point) {
        polylineCoordinates.add(LatLng(point.latitude, point.longitude));
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A flutter package to get polyline points by either passing the coordinates or google encoded polyline string

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