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Flutter plugin for displaying your flutter app over other apps on the screen


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Flutter plugin for displaying your Flutter app over other apps on the screen

Preview #

TrueCaller overlay example click-through overlay example Messanger chat-head example

Installation #

Add package to your pubspec:

  flutter_overlay_window: any # or the latest version on Pub

Android #

You'll need to add the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission and OverlayService to your Android Manifest.

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW" />

        <service android:name="flutter.overlay.window.flutter_overlay_window.OverlayService" android:exported="false" />

Entry point #

Inside main.dart create an entry point for your Overlay widget;

// overlay entry point
void overlayMain() {
  runApp(const MaterialApp(
    debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false,
    home: Material(child: Text("My overlay"))


 /// check if overlay permission is granted
 final bool status = await FlutterOverlayWindow.isPermissionGranted();

 /// request overlay permission
 /// it will open the overlay settings page and return `true` once the permission granted.
 final bool status = await FlutterOverlayWindow.requestPermission();

  /// Open overLay content
  /// - Optional arguments:
  /// `height` the overlay height and default is [WindowSize.fullCover]
  /// `width` the overlay width and default is [WindowSize.matchParent]
  /// `alignment` the alignment postion on screen and default is [OverlayAlignment.center]
  /// `visibilitySecret` the detail displayed in notifications on the lock screen and default is [NotificationVisibility.visibilitySecret]
  /// `OverlayFlag` the overlay flag and default is [OverlayFlag.defaultFlag]
  /// `overlayTitle` the notification message and default is "overlay activated"
  /// `overlayContent` the notification message
  /// `enableDrag` to enable/disable dragging the overlay over the screen and default is "false"
  /// `positionGravity` the overlay postion after drag and default is [PositionGravity.none]
  /// `startPosition` the overlay start position and default is null
 await FlutterOverlayWindow.showOverlay();

 /// closes overlay if open
 await FlutterOverlayWindow.closeOverlay();

 /// broadcast data to and from overlay app
 await FlutterOverlayWindow.shareData("Hello from the other side");

 /// streams message shared between overlay and main app
  FlutterOverlayWindow.overlayListener.listen((event) {
      log("Current Event: $event");

 /// use [OverlayFlag.focusPointer] when you want to use fields that show keyboards
 await FlutterOverlayWindow.showOverlay(flag: OverlayFlag.focusPointer);

 /// update the overlay flag while the overlay in action
 await FlutterOverlayWindow.updateFlag(OverlayFlag.defaultFlag);

 /// Update the overlay size in the screen
 await FlutterOverlayWindow.resizeOverlay(80, 120);

 /// Update the overlay position in the screen
 /// `position` the new position of the overlay
 /// `return` true if the position updated successfully
 await FlutterOverlayWindow.moveOverlay(OverlayPosition(0, 156))

 /// Get the current overlay position
 /// `return` the current overlay position
 await FlutterOverlayWindow.getOverlayPosition()

enum OverlayFlag {
  /// Window flag: this window can never receive touch events.
  /// Usefull if you want to display click-through overlay

  /// Window flag: this window won't ever get key input focus
  /// so the user can not send key or other button events to it.

  /// Window flag: allow any pointer events outside of the window to be sent to the windows behind it.
  /// Usefull when you want to use fields that show keyboards.

  /// Type of dragging behavior for the overlay.
  enum PositionGravity {
    /// The `PositionGravity.none` will allow the overlay to postioned anywhere on the screen.

    /// The `PositionGravity.right` will allow the overlay to stick on the right side of the screen.

    /// The `PositionGravity.left` will allow the overlay to stick on the left side of the screen.

    /// The `PositionGravity.auto` will allow the overlay to stick either on the left or right side of the screen depending on the overlay position.

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Flutter plugin for displaying your flutter app over other apps on the screen

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