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Flutter package for multi-select UI widget

flutter_multiselect #

Flutter package for multi-select UI widget

Getting Started #

add package in your pubspec.yaml flutter_multiselect: 0.0.1

and import in your project to start using the multiselect.

By default, there is no UI contro for multi-select in iOS and Android

This widget can be used for bridge that gap.

Sample Usage -

new MultiSelect( autovalidate: false, titleText: title, validator: (value) { if (value == null) { return 'Please select one or more option(s)'; } }, errorText: 'Please select one or more option(s)', dataSource: [ { "display": "Australia", "value": 1, }, { "display": "Canada", "value": 1, }, { "display": "India", "value": 3, }, { "display": "United States", "value": 4, }], textField: 'display', valueField: 'value', filterable: true, required: true, value: null, onSaved: (value) { print('The value is $value'); });

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