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A simple flutter input widget to add @ mentions functionality to your app.

📛 Flutter Mentions

A simple flutter input widget to add @ mentions functionality to your app

Install 📦 #

To use this package, add flutter_mentions as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

You will need to add flutter_mentions to your pubspec.yaml:

    sdk: flutter
  flutter_mentions: ^0.0.1

Then, run flutter packages get in your terminal.

Usage 💻 #

To use this package you must first wrap your top most widget with Portal as this package uses flutter_portal to show the suggestions list.

[Portal], is the equivalent of [Overlay].

This widget will need to be inserted above the widget that needs to render under your overlays.

If you want to display your overlays on the top of everything, a good place to insert that [Portal] is above MaterialApp:

   child: MaterialApp(

(works for CupertinoApp too)

This way [Portal] will render above everything. But you could place it somewhere else to change the clip behavior.

Widgets: #

FlutterMention :

  • mentions: List<Mention> - List of Mention that the user is allowed to triggered.
  • suggestionPosition: SuggestionPosition - Suggestion modal position, can be alligned to [Top] or [Bottom].
  • onMentionAdd: Function(Map<String, dynamic>) - Triggers when the suggestion was added by tapping on suggestion.
  • suggestionListHeight: double - Max height for the suggestion list. Defaults for 300.0.
  • onMarkupChanged: Function(String) - A Functioned which is triggered when ever the input changes but with the markup of the selected mentions.
  • suggestionListDecoration: BoxDecoration - Decoration for the Suggestion list.
  • defaultText: String - Populate your input field with pre-filled text.
  • Supports all the other properties that TextField supports.


  • trigger: String - A single character that will be used to trigger the suggestions.
  • data: List<Map<String, dynamic>> - List of Map to represent the suggestions shown to the user. You need to provide two Required properties id & display both are [String] You can also have any custom properties as you like to build custom suggestion widget.
  • style: TextStyle - Style for the mention item in Input.
  • matchAll: bool - Should every non-suggestion with the trigger character be matched.
  • disableMarkup: bool - Should the markup generation be disabled for this Mention Item.
  • suggestionBuilder: Widget Function(Map<String, dynamic>) - Build Custom suggestion widget using this builder.

example, Mention instance

  trigger: "#",
  disableMarkup: true,
  style: TextStyle(
    color: Colors.blue,
  data: [
    {"id": "reactjs", "display": "reactjs"},
    {"id": "javascript", "display": "javascript"},
  matchAll: true,

Example #

  key: key,
  suggestionPosition: SuggestionPosition.Top,
  maxLines: 5,
  minLines: 1,
  mentions: [
      trigger: "@",
      style: TextStyle(color: Colors.purple),
      data: [
          "id": "61as61fsa",
          "display": "fayeedP",
          "photo": "https://images.pexels.com/photos/220453/pexels-photo-220453.jpeg"
          "id": "61asasgasgsag6a",
          "display": "khaled",
          "photo": "https://images.pexels.com/photos/220453/pexels-photo-220453.jpeg",
          style: TextStyle(color: Colors.green),

You can find detailed example in example folder

Credits 👨🏻‍💻 #

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License ⚖️ #

API details 📝 #

See the flutter_mentions.dart for more API details

Issues and feedback 💭 #

If you have any suggestion for including a feature or if something doesn't work, feel free to open a Github issue for us to have a discussion on it.

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A simple flutter input widget to add @ mentions functionality to your app.

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