📛 Flutter Mentions

A simple flutter input widget to add @ mentions functionality to your app

Install 📦

To use this package, add flutter_mentions as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

You will need to add flutter_mentions to your pubspec.yaml:

    sdk: flutter
  flutter_mentions: ^0.0.1

Then, run flutter packages get in your terminal.

Usage 💻

To use this package you must first wrap your top most widget with Portal as this package uses flutter_portal to show the suggestions list.

Portal, is the equivalent of Overlay.

This widget will need to be inserted above the widget that needs to render under your overlays.

If you want to display your overlays on the top of everything, a good place to insert that Portal is above MaterialApp:

   child: MaterialApp(

(works for CupertinoApp too)

This way Portal will render above everything. But you could place it somewhere else to change the clip behavior.


FlutterMention :

  • mentions: List<Mention> - List of Mention that the user is allowed to triggered.
  • suggestionPosition: SuggestionPosition - Suggestion modal position, can be alligned to Top or Bottom.
  • onMentionAdd: Function(Map<String, dynamic>) - Triggers when the suggestion was added by tapping on suggestion.
  • suggestionListHeight: double - Max height for the suggestion list. Defaults for 300.0.
  • onMarkupChanged: Function(String) - A Functioned which is triggered when ever the input changes but with the markup of the selected mentions.
  • suggestionListDecoration: BoxDecoration - Decoration for the Suggestion list.
  • defaultText: String - Populate your input field with pre-filled text.
  • Supports all the other properties that TextField supports.


  • trigger: String - A single character that will be used to trigger the suggestions.
  • data: List<Map<String, dynamic>> - List of Map to represent the suggestions shown to the user. You need to provide two Required properties id & display both are String You can also have any custom properties as you like to build custom suggestion widget.
  • style: TextStyle - Style for the mention item in Input.
  • matchAll: bool - Should every non-suggestion with the trigger character be matched.
  • disableMarkup: bool - Should the markup generation be disabled for this Mention Item.
  • suggestionBuilder: Widget Function(Map<String, dynamic>) - Build Custom suggestion widget using this builder.

example, Mention instance

  trigger: "#",
  disableMarkup: true,
  style: TextStyle(
    color: Colors.blue,
  data: [
    {"id": "reactjs", "display": "reactjs"},
    {"id": "javascript", "display": "javascript"},
  matchAll: true,


  key: key,
  suggestionPosition: SuggestionPosition.Top,
  maxLines: 5,
  minLines: 1,
  mentions: [
      trigger: "@",
      style: TextStyle(color: Colors.purple),
      data: [
          "id": "61as61fsa",
          "display": "fayeedP",
          "photo": "https://images.pexels.com/photos/220453/pexels-photo-220453.jpeg"
          "id": "61asasgasgsag6a",
          "display": "khaled",
          "photo": "https://images.pexels.com/photos/220453/pexels-photo-220453.jpeg",
          style: TextStyle(color: Colors.green),

You can find detailed example in example folder

Credits 👨🏻‍💻

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License ⚖️

API details 📝

See the flutter_mentions.dart for more API details

Issues and feedback 💭

If you have any suggestion for including a feature or if something doesn't work, feel free to open a Github issue for us to have a discussion on it.