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A package which simplifies the task of updating your Flutter app's launcher icon.

Changelog #

0.8.1 (2nd Oct 2020) #

  • Fixed flavor support on windows (@slightfoot)

0.8.0 (12th Sept 2020) #

  • Added flavours support (thanks to @sestegra & @jorgecoca)
  • Removed unassigned iOS icons (thanks to @melvinsalas)
  • Fixing formatting (thanks to @mreichelt)

0.7.5 (24th April 2020) #

  • Fixed issue where new lines were added to Android manifest (thanks to @mreichelt)
  • Improvements to code quality and general tidying up (thanks to @connectety)
  • Fixed Android example project not running (needed to be migrated to AndroidX)

0.7.4 (28th Oct 2019) #

  • Worked on suggestions from pub.dev

0.7.3 (3rd Sept 2019) #

  • Lot of refactoring and improving code quality (thanks to @connectety)
  • Added correct App Store icon settings (thanks to @richgoldmd)

0.7.2 (25th May 2019) #

  • Reverted back using old interpolation method

0.7.1 (24th May 2019) #

  • Fixed issue with image dependency not working on latest version of Flutter (thanks to @sboutet06)
  • Fixed iOS icon sizes which were incorrect (thanks to @sestegra)
  • Removed dart_config git dependency and replaced with yaml dependency
  • Refactoring of code

0.7.0 (22nd November 2018) #

  • Now ensuring that the Android file name is valid - An error will be thrown if it doesn't meet the criteria
  • Fixed issue where there was a git diff when there was no change
  • Fixed issue where iOS icon would be generated when it shouldn't be
  • Added support for drawables to be used for adaptive icon backgrounds
  • Added support for Flutter Launcher Icons to be able to run with it's own config file (no longer necessary to add to pubspec.yaml)

0.6.1 (26th August 2018) #

  • Upgraded test package
  • Due to issue with dart_config not working with Dart 2.1.0, now using forked version of dart_config which contains fixes from both @v3rm0n and @SPodjasek

0.6.0 (8th August 2018) #

0.5.2 (19th June 2018) #

  • Previous release didn't fix adaptive icons, just prevented the error message from appearing. This should hopefully fix it!

0.5.1 (18th June 2018) #

  • Fix for adaptive icons

0.5.0 (12th June 2018) #

  • [Android] Support for adaptive icons added (Suggestion #23)

0.4.0 (9th June 2018) #

  • Now possible to generate icons for each platform with different image paths (one for iOS icon and a separate one for Android)

0.3.3 (28th May 2018) #

  • Upgraded dart image package dependency to 2.0.0 (issue #26)

0.3.2 (2nd May 2018) #

  • Bug fixing

0.3.1 (1st May 2018) #

  • Bug fixing

0.3.0 (1st May 2018) #

  • Fixed issue where icons produced weren't the correct size (Due to images not with a 1:1 aspect r ation)
  • Improved quality of smaller icons produced (Thanks to PR #17 - Thank you!)
  • Updated console printed messages to keep them consistent
  • Added example folder to GitHub project

0.2.1 (25th April 2018) #

  • Added extra iOS icon size (1024x1024)
  • Fixed iOS default icon name (Thanks to PR #15 - Thank you!)
  • Fixed issue #10 where creation of the icons was failing due to the target folder not existing

0.2.0 (18th January 2018) #

  • Ability to create new launcher icons without replacing the old ones added (#6)
  • Fixed issue with launcher icons for iOS not correctly being set

0.0.5 #

  • Quick Fix on if statement

0.0.4 #

  • Fixing strong mode error

0.0.3 #

  • Adding flutter as a dependency so its listed as a flutter package.

0.0.2 #

  • Fix Doc typo

0.0.1 #

  • Initial version, Resizes Icon to Android sizes only.
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A package which simplifies the task of updating your Flutter app's launcher icon.

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