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i18n made easy for Flutter. With flutter_i18n you can make your app international, using just a simple .json file!

[0.2.0] #

flutter_i18n now manage strings that contain parameters; an example can be: "Hello, {user}!" For a correct translation, you must use the third parameter of the translate method, a Map<String, String> where:

  • the keys are the placeholders used in the .json file (i.e. user)
  • the values are what you want to display

[0.3.0] #

flutter_i18n now supports language change at runtime. To use it, you must invoke the method

await FlutterI18n.refresh(buildContext, languageCode, {countryCode});

NOTE: countryCode is optional.

[0.4.0] #

flutter_i18n now supports plurals. To use it, invoke the method:

FlutterI18n.plural(buildContext, "your.key", pluralValue);

Where pluralValue is the integer value that will be used to determinate the plural form of the translation.

Here is an example of configuration of the .json file:

"clicked": {
    "times-0": "You clicked {times} times!",
    "times-1": "You clicked {time} time!",
    "times-2": "You clicked {times} times!"

With this configuration, you must invoke the plural method as follow:

FlutterI18n.plural(buildContext, "clicked.times", pluralValue);

FlutterI18n will choose the right key using the value of pluralValue: it will match the last key with a value <= of pluralValue.

[0.5.0] #

flutter_i18n now supports the basePath configuration. The default one is: assets/flutter_i18n. To configure it, use the third optional parameter of FlutterI18nDelegate.

[0.5.1] #

Print in log when a key is not found.

[0.5.2] #

Fix for bug #10.

[0.6.0] #

Exposed new method that return the locale used by the library, as requested in #16:


NOTE: the refresh method now accept a Locale as second parameter, instead of two strings. NOTE: the constructor of FlutterI18nDelegate now accept only named parameter.

[0.6.1] #

Fix for bug #22

[0.6.2] #

Fix for the delegate

[0.6.3] #

Fix for #17

[0.6.4] #

Fix for #41

[0.7.0] #

Fix for #48 and implemented feature for #49. From this version of FlutterI18n, you can use as 4th parameter the forcedLanguage parameter, in order to avoid to call the refresh method on application startup.

[0.8.0] #

Support for yml language files

[0.8.1] #

Improved json and yml loading

[0.8.2] #

Bugfix and code improvement

[0.8.3] #

Library will print debug messages only in development mode

[0.9.0] #

Added a new optional parameter to the translate method: fallbackKey. You can use it when the translation key is not found.

[0.10.0] #

Added stateless widgets in order to avoid to deal with BuildContext.

I18nText("your.key", Text(""))
I18nText("your.key", Text(""), translationParams: {"user": "Flutter lover"})
I18nPlural("clicked.times", 2, Text(""))

[0.11.0] #

New translation mechanism, with different and customizable loaders provided:

  • FileTranslationLoader
  • NetworkFileTranslationLoader
  • E2EFileTranslationLoader

[0.11.1] #

Plural translator improvements

[0.12.0] #

New loader provided: NamespaceFileTranslationLoader

[0.13.0] #

In the I18nText and I18nPlural widgets, the child parameter is now optional. The default value of the child parameter is now Text("")

[0.13.1] #

Fix for #83.

[0.13.2] #

Fixed immutable warnings.

[0.14.0] #

New feature: file translation decode strategies. New translation strategy provided, able to load XML file.

[0.15.0] #

New feature: missing key are now retrieved from the fallback file.

[0.16.0] #

Full support for supportedLocales

[0.16.1] #

Support for decode strategies on other loaders

[0.16.2] #

Added missing translation handler, according to issue/67

[0.16.3] #

Removed cache parameter from loadString method, resolve issue/116

[0.17.0] #

RTL support. Test fix for issue/115

[0.18.0] #

New loader provided:

  • LocalTranslationLoader

[0.19.0] #

Support for Flutter Web. Note: due to dart:io bug, NetworkFileTranslationLoader can't be used.

[0.19.1] #

Removed useless parameter from LocalTranslationLoader and fixed delegate load method.

[0.19.2] #

Plugins and better Flutter Web support.

[0.19.3] #

Removed dart:io for better Flutter Web support.

[0.19.4] #

Better dartdocs

[0.20.0] #

Loading and loaded stream, in order to detect loading translations status

[0.20.1] #

Fix for streams listened twice

[0.21.0] #

Introducing validate and diff actions

[0.21.1] #

Fix for #150

[0.22.0] #

Initial Flutter 2 support:

  • intl upgraded to version 0.17.0
  • example app upgraded to Android X
  • null safe migration

[0.22.1] #

Nullsafe support + static analysis fixes

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i18n made easy for Flutter. With flutter_i18n you can make your app international, using just a simple .json file!

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