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A new Flutter package for hexagonal architecture (clean code).

Flutter Hexagonal Architecture #

Flutter Hexagonal Architecture provides utilities for Flutter, in the aim to develop using by clean code.

Get started #

First, you need to add the folowing dependencies to your 'pubspec.yaml':

  flutter_hexagonal_architecture: any

How to use utilities for projects #

Here is a simple usage example. Note that an example is available in unit test file test/flutter_hexagonal_architecture_test.dart.

First, you can add an entity (if you try to access a database):

class Hero {
  Hero(this.id, this.name);

  final int id;
  final String name;

Next, you need to add a repository to access data:

class HeroRepository {
  Future<GatewayResponse<Hero>> getHeroById(int id) async {
    try {
      Hero hero = // get my hero...
      if (hero == null) throw new Exception('unable to get hero by id $id.');
      return new GatewayResponse<Hero>.goodResult(hero);
    } on Exception catch (e) {
      return new GatewayResponse<Hero>.badResult([new Error('no_hero_for_id', '$e')]);

Here, you just get data from database or services, without changing them.

Finally, you must add a use case class:

class GetHeroByIdUseCase implements IUseCaseRequestHandler<GetHeroByIdRequest, UseCaseResponseMessage<Hero>> {
  GetHeroByIdUseCase() {
    this.repository = new HeroRepository();

  HeroRepository repository;

  Future<void> handle(GetHeroByIdRequest message, IOutputPort<UseCaseResponseMessage<Hero>> output) async {
    try {
      GatewayResponse<Hero> hero = await this.repository.getHeroById(message.id);
      if (!hero.success)
        throw new UseCaseException('Hero not found.', hero.errors);
      output.handle(new UseCaseResponseMessage<Hero>.goodResult(hero.data));
    } on UseCaseException catch (e) {
      output.handle(new UseCaseResponseMessage<Hero>.badResult(e.errors, e.message));

class GetHeroByIdRequest implements IUseCaseRequest<UseCaseResponseMessage<Hero>> {

  final int id;

If you want to apply business rules, you must do it right here. For example, in a project of video store management, you could make a method for rent a video. You would select a user (get user by id), select a video (get video by id) and add item in the renting data table. Those three actions are in three different repositories, but in one use case.

Here is a typical presenter. You can create custom presenter if you want to cast your data to a viewmodel for example.

class ObjectPresenter<TResult> implements IPresenter<TResult> {
  bool success;

  CoreError error;

  TResult data;

  void handle(UseCaseResponseMessage<TResult> response) {
    this.success = response.success;
    this.error = response.error;
    this.data = // transform your data and valorize 'data' property

Soon, i will add content to teach how to you utilities with BlOcs.

Feature requests and bug reports #

Please file feature requests and bugs using the github issue tracker for this repository.

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A new Flutter package for hexagonal architecture (clean code).


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