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A Flutter Google Wallet Plugin

flutter_google_wallet #

A Flutter Google Wallet Plugin for tickets

pub package Test codecov License: MIT melos

Features #

  • Enable and check if wallet is available
  • Add ticket or anything to wallet

Usage #

Basic example #

Create a FlutterGoogleWalletPlugin instance in your app.

final flutterGoogleWalletPlugin = FlutterGoogleWalletPlugin();

Then, call initWalletClient to create the Wallet instance on Android when you need it in your app.


Before display the button, call getWalletApiAvailabilityStatus to know if the device has the wallet app.

  future: flutterGoogleWalletPlugin.getWalletApiAvailabilityStatus(),

Finally, display the button and call savePasses to save ticket in GoogleWallet.

  future: flutterGoogleWalletPlugin.getWalletApiAvailabilityStatus(),
  builder: (BuildContext context, AsyncSnapshot<bool> available) {
    if (available.data ?? false) {
      return AddToGoogleWalletButton(
        locale: Locale('en', 'US'),
        onPress: () {
            jsonPass: '',
            addToGoogleWalletRequestCode: 2);
    } else {
      return const SizedBox.shrink();

Also add the google wallet button svg to your pubspec assets

    - packages/flutter_google_wallet/assets/svg/button/frFR_add_to_google_wallet_wallet-button.svg
    - packages/flutter_google_wallet/assets/svg/button/enUS_add_to_google_wallet_wallet-button.svg

And add the wallet localization to your MaterialApp

  localizationsDelegates: const [

Contribute #

To maintain this repository, please first install melos & bootstrap in root directory of the project :

dart pub global activate melos
melos bs