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Annotations for flutter_form_generator.

Flutter Form Generator #

Flutter Form Annotations #

Defines the annotations used by Flutter Form Generator for Fluttr Form creation for any Dart Model Class.

See the example to understand how to configure your model for Form Generation.

Please note the model class should include toJson (returning a map of the instance), and fromJson (returning an instance of the model from a map).

You may also chose to use either

  • the json_serializable decorator, in which case you would need to import json_annotations package, as well. OR
  • Use the freezed package, or any other package that generates the required toJson and fromJson class methods.

The example uses json_serializable package.

Usage #

Given a library profile.dart with a Profile class annotated with FormBuilder

import 'package:flutter_form_annotations/flutter_form_annotations.dart';

part 'person.g.dart';

class Address {
    final String? street, city, postCode, state, country;

    const Address({this.street, this.city, this.postCode, this.state, this.country});

    Map<String, dynamic> toMap() =>  {
        "street": street,
        "city": city,

    needSacffold: true,
class Person {
    final String firstName;
    final String lastName;
    final String dateOfBirth;
    final String 
    final Address address;

    const Person()

Features and Bugs #

Please file feature reuests and bugs @ issue tracker

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Annotations for flutter_form_generator.


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