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A complete tool for packaging and publishing your Flutter apps.

flutter_distributor #

pub version melos

A complete tool for packaging and publishing your Flutter apps.

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Documentation #

The full documentation can be found on distributor.leanflutter.org.

Features #

Makers #

  • apk - Create a apk package for your app.
  • aab - Create a aab package for your app.
  • appimage - Create a AppImage package for your app.
  • deb - Create a deb package for your app.
  • dmg - Create a dmg package for your app.
  • exe - Create a exe package for your app.
  • ipa - Create a ipa package for your app.
  • msix - Create a msix package for your app.
  • rpm - Create a rpm package for your app.
  • zip - Create a zip package for your app.

Publishers #

  • appcenter - Publish your app to appcenter.
  • appstore - Publish your app to appstore.
  • fir - Publish your app to fir.
  • firebase - Publish your app to firebase.
  • github - Publish your app to github release.
  • pgyer - Publish your app to pgyer.
  • qiniu - Publish your app to qiniu.

Getting Started #

Installation #

dart pub global activate flutter_distributor

Usage #

Add distribute_options.yaml to your project root directory.

  PGYER_API_KEY: 'your api key'
output: dist/
  - name: dev
      # Build and publish your apk pkg to pgyer
      - name: release-dev-android
          platform: android
          target: apk
            target-platform: android-arm,android-arm64
              APP_ENV: dev
        publish_to: pgyer
      # Build and publish your ipa pkg to pgyer
      - name: release-dev-ios
          platform: ios
          target: ipa
            export-options-plist: ios/dev_ExportOptions.plist
              APP_ENV: dev
        publish_to: pgyer

The build_args are the args supported by the flutter build command, please modify it according to your project.

Release Your App

flutter_distributor release --name dev

Who's using it? #

  • Biyi - A convenient translation and dictionary app.
  • Qianji - A purely bookkeeping app.
  • Alga - A developer tools app.

License #