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A Flutter plugin to set display mode (resolution, refresh rate) on Android platform. Allows to enable high refresh rate on supported devices.

Flutter Display Mode #

pub package

A Flutter plugin to set display mode in Android. This is useful to enable high refresh rate in devices with discrete framerates like 60Hz, 90Hz etc. This library is ineffective on devices with LTPO panels and iOS devices with ProMotion.

This library should be used as a temporary fix to #35162 until this API gets added to Flutter engine itself.

Getting Started #

Add library to pubspec then and rebuild your app:

flutter pub add flutter_displaymode

Set to highest/lowest framerate #

Use helper functions FlutterDisplayMode.setHighRefreshRate or FlutterDisplayMode.setLowRefreshRate to switch to highest or lowest refresh rate maintaining current resolution.

// current: #1 1440x3120 @ 60Hz
// new: #2 1440x3120 @ 90Hz
await FlutterDisplayMode.setHighRefreshRate();

// current: #2 1440x3120 @ 90Hz
// new: #1 1440x3120 @ 60Hz
await FlutterDisplayMode.setLowRefreshRate();

Get supported modes #

FlutterDisplayMode.supported returns all the modes that can be set as the preferred mode. This always returns DisplayMode.auto as one of the modes.

import 'package:flutter_displaymode/flutter_displaymode.dart';

try {
  modes = await FlutterDisplayMode.supported;

  /// On OnePlus 7 Pro:
  /// #0 0x0 @0Hz // Automatic
  /// #1 1080x2340 @ 60Hz
  /// #2 1080x2340 @ 90Hz
  /// #3 1440x3120 @ 90Hz
  /// #4 1440x3120 @ 60Hz

  /// On OnePlus 8 Pro:
  /// #0 0x0 @0Hz // Automatic
  /// #1 1080x2376 @ 60Hz
  /// #2 1440x3168 @ 120Hz
  /// #3 1440x3168 @ 60Hz
  /// #4 1080x2376 @ 120Hz
} on PlatformException catch (e) {
  /// e.code =>
  /// noAPI - No API support. Only Marshmallow and above.
  /// noActivity - Activity is not available. Probably app is in background

Get active mode #

FlutterDisplayMode.active fetches the currently active mode. This is not always the preferred mode set by FlutterDisplayMode.setPreferredMode. It can be altered by the system based on the display settings.

final DisplayMode m = await FlutterDisplayMode.active;

Set preferred mode #

FlutterDisplayMode.setPreferredMode changes the preferred mode. It is upto the system to use this mode. Sometimes system can choose not switch to this based on internal heuristics. Check FlutterDisplayMode.active to see if it actually switches.

/// This setting is per session. 
/// Please ensure this was placed with `initState` of your root widget.
await FlutterDisplayMode.setPreferredMode(modes[1]);

Get preferred mode #

FlutterDisplayMode.preferred returns the currently preferred mode. If not manually set with FlutterDisplayMode.setPreferredMode then it will be DisplayMode.auto.

final DisplayMode m = await FlutterDisplayMode.preferred;

You can check out a complete example here.

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A Flutter plugin to set display mode (resolution, refresh rate) on Android platform. Allows to enable high refresh rate on supported devices.

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