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Flutter package for day, week, range and month date pickers.

flutter_date_pickers #

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Allows to use date pickers without dialog. Provides some customizable styles for date pickers.

A set of date pickers:

  • DayPicker for one day
  • WeekPicker for whole week
  • RangePicker for random range
  • MonthPicker for month
  • YearPicker for year

How to style date picker #

Every date picker constructor take a style object as a parameter (if no styles passed - defaults will be used).

For single value pickers (DayPicker, MonthPicker) it is DatePickerStyles object;

For range pickers (WeekPicker, RangePickers) it is DatePickerRangeStyles object;

Customizable styles: for all date pickers

Property Description
TextStyle displayedPeriodTitle title of the date picker
TextStyle currentDateStyle style for current date
TextStyle disabledDateStyle style for disabled dates (before first and after last date user can pick)
TextStyle selectedDateStyle style for selected date
BoxDecoration selectedSingleDateDecoration decoration for selected date in case single value is selected
TextStyle defaultDateTextStyle style for date which is neither current nor disabled nor selected
DayHeaderStyle dayHeaderStyle style for all weekday headers. For more control under weekday headers styles use dayHeaderStyleBuilder
DayHeaderStyleBuilder dayHeaderStyleBuilder builder to customize weekday header's style
DayHeaderTitleBuilder dayHeaderTitleBuilder builder to customize weekday header's title

only for range date pickers (WeekPicker, RangePicker)

Property Description
BoxDecoration selectedPeriodStartDecoration decoration for the first date of the selected range
BoxDecoration selectedPeriodLastDecoration decoration for the first date of the selected range
BoxDecoration selectedPeriodMiddleDecoration Decoration for the date of the selected range which is not first date and not end date of this range

How to make some dates not selectable date picker #

By default only dates before firstDate and after lastDate are not selectable. But you can set custom disabled days. DayPicker, WeekPicker and RangePicker take a SelectableDayPredicate selectableDayPredicate where you can specify function which returns if some date is disabled or not.

If some date is disabled for selection it gets disabledDateStyle.

If selected range or week pretends to include such disabled date UnselectablePeriodException occurs. To handle it - pass onSelectionError callback to date picker.

How to make special decorations for some dates #

By default cells are decorated with datePickerStyles slyles (or default if no styles was passed to date picker). If you need special decoration for some days use eventDecorationBuilder. Currently only for DayPicker, WeekPicker and RangePicker.

  • If date is not selected basic styles will be merged with styles from eventDecorationBuilder.
  • If date is current date styles from eventDecorationBuilder win (if there are).
  • Otherwise basic styles (datePickerStyles) win.

What time I will get after selection? #

If one day selected: you will get start of the day (00:00:00).

If range/week selected: for start you will get start of the day (00:00:00) by default. for end you will get end of the day (23:59:59.999) by default.

If month selected: you will get start (00:00:00) of the 1 day of month by default. If selected month same as month of the firstDate - you will get firstDate.

Usage #

// Create week date picker with passed parameters
Widget buildWeekDatePicker (DateTime selectedDate, DateTime firstAllowedDate, DateTime lastAllowedDate, ValueChanged<DatePeriod> onNewSelected) {

 // add some colors to default settings
    DatePickerRangeStyles styles = DatePickerRangeStyles(
      selectedPeriodLastDecoration: BoxDecoration(
          color: Colors.red,
          borderRadius: BorderRadiusDirectional.only(
              topEnd: Radius.circular(10.0),
              bottomEnd: Radius.circular(10.0))),
      selectedPeriodStartDecoration: BoxDecoration(
        color: Colors.green,
        borderRadius: BorderRadiusDirectional.only(
            topStart: Radius.circular(10.0), bottomStart: Radius.circular(10.0)),
      selectedPeriodMiddleDecoration: BoxDecoration(
          color: Colors.yellow, shape: BoxShape.rectangle),
  return WeekPicker(
      selectedDate: selectedDate,
      onChanged: onNewSelected,
      firstDate: firstAllowedDate,
      lastDate: lastAllowedDate,
      datePickerStyles: styles

Example app #

Please checkout example.

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Flutter package for day, week, range and month date pickers.

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