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This library allows for the easy integration of [Credo].

flutter-credo-sdk #

Credo SDK Flutter #

This library allows for the easy integration of [Credo] into your Flutter application. It shoulders the burden of PCI compliance by sending credit card details directly to Credo's servers rather than to your server.

Flow Summary #

  1. Collect user's card details, email and phone number.

  2. Initialize the CredoPlugin by creating an object of the CredoPlugin class with two named parameters passed to the constructor.

    • The first argument is the public key of the merchant
    • The second argument is the secret key of the merchant.
    • Both public and secret keys are provided by Credo to the merchants.
    • Prompts backend to initialize transactions by calling the initialPayment method.
    • Credo's backend returns a payment slug which is returned when Initiate Payment endpoint is called
    • App provides the payment slug and card details to our SDK's using the pay and verifyCardNumber methods
  3. Once request is successful, ThirdPartyPaymentResponse is return.

Installation #

  • To start using this package, simply add the following to project pubspec.yaml
  flutter_credo: <lastes-version>

Usage #

1. Permissions #

To use this package, your android app must declare internet permission. Add the following code to the application level of your AndroidManifest.xml.

	<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

2. Initializing SDK #

To use [Credo] SDK, you need to first initialize it by using the `CredoPlugin` class.

CredoPlugin credoPlugin =  CredoPlugin(
    publicKey:  'public_key',
    secretKey:  'secret_key',

Ensure to perform this instantiation in the initState method of your Widget.

CredoPlugin credoPlugin;

void  initState() {
credoPlugin =  CredoPlugin(
publicKey:  'pk_demo-cKwtbsYaPNjgZZIFfznnZJGP49plbw.ujlZ0XcwAD-d',
secretKey:  'sk_demo-dQJJE9tFlunJv9jjZmJ49nyhqXKrbA.CchUPg1aqj-d',


3. Initiate Payment #

Payment transaction can be initiated with the initialPayment method:

Parameters #

  • amount The amount to be transacted.
  • currency The currency to be transacted in.
  • redirectUrl The url to redirect to after transaction.
  • transRef [optional] The transaction reference for the payment
  • paymentOptions option can be "CARD" or "USSD" or "BANK"
  • customerName Name of the customer
  • customerEmail Email address of the customer
  • customerPhone Phone number of the customer If the method call is success a InitPaymentResponse is returned from the Future else it throws a CredoException with an error message.
		InitPaymentResponse initPaymentRes =  await credoPlugin.initialPayment(
		amount:  100.0,
		currency:  'NGN',
		customerEmail:  'info@charlesarchibong.com',
		customerName:  'Charles Archibong',
		customerPhoneNo:  '000000000000',
		if(e is CredoException){

5. Make Payment #

After payment initialization, payment is made using the pay method

Parameters #

  • amount The amount to be transacted.
  • ordeCurrency The currency to be transacted in.
  • cardNumber The number of the verified debit card.
  • expiryMonth The expiry month of the verified card.
  • expiryYear The expiry Year of the verified card.
  • securityCode The cvv number of the verified card.
  • transRef The transaction reference used to during initiate payment stage.
  • customerEmail Email address of the customer.
  • customerName Name of the customer.
  • customerPhone Phone number of the customer.
  • paymentSlug this is part of the response of initiatePayment method in step 3 above.
		ThirdPartyPaymentResponse thirdPartyPaymentResponse = await credoPlugin.pay(
			orderCurrency:  'NGN',
			cardNumber:  '',
			expiryMonth:  '07',
			expiryYear:  '23',
			securityCode:  '027',
			transRef:  initPaymentRes.transactionRef,
			paymentSlug: initPaymentRes.paymentSlug,
			orderAmount:  100.00,
			customerEmail:  'charlesarchibong10@gmail.com',
			customerName:  'Charles Archibong',
			customerPhoneNo:  '09039311559',
	} catch(e){
		if(e is CredoException){

After payment, you can call the verifyTransaction which returns VerifyTransactionResponse to verify the payment and confirm all is good.

you can check out the example on this link

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This library allows for the easy integration of [Credo].

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