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Flutter Callkit Incoming to show callkit screen in your Flutter app.

Flutter Callkit Incoming #

A Flutter plugin to show incoming call in your Flutter app(Custom for Android/Callkit for iOS).

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⭐ Features #

  • Show an incoming call

  • Start an outgoing call

  • Custom UI Android/Callkit for iOS

  • Example using Pushkit/VoIP for iOS

iOS: ONLY WORKING ON REAL DEVICE, not on simulator(Callkit framework not working on simulator) #

🚀  Installation #

  1. Install Packages
  • Run this command:
    flutter pub add flutter_callkit_incoming
  • Add pubspec.yaml:
          flutter_callkit_incoming: any
  1. Configure Project
  • Android
    • AndroidManifest.xml
             Using for load image from internet
         <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
    The following rule needs to be added in the proguard-rules.pro to avoid obfuscated keys.
     -keep class com.hiennv.flutter_callkit_incoming.** { *; }
  • iOS
    • Info.plist
        <string>processing</string> //you can add this if needed
  1. Usage
  • Import

    import 'package:flutter_callkit_incoming/flutter_callkit_incoming.dart';
  • Received an incoming call

      this._currentUuid = _uuid.v4();
      CallKitParams callKitParams = CallKitParams(
        id: _currentUuid,
        nameCaller: 'Hien Nguyen',
        appName: 'Callkit',
        avatar: 'https://i.pravatar.cc/100',
        handle: '0123456789',
        type: 0,
        textAccept: 'Accept',
        textDecline: 'Decline',
        missedCallNotification: NotificationParams(
            showNotification: true,
            isShowCallback: true,
            subtitle: 'Missed call',
            callbackText: 'Call back',
        duration: 30000,
        extra: <String, dynamic>{'userId': '1a2b3c4d'},
        headers: <String, dynamic>{'apiKey': 'Abc@123!', 'platform': 'flutter'},
        android: const AndroidParams(
            isCustomNotification: true,
            isShowLogo: false,
            ringtonePath: 'system_ringtone_default',
            backgroundColor: '#0955fa',
            backgroundUrl: 'https://i.pravatar.cc/500',
            actionColor: '#4CAF50',
            incomingCallNotificationChannelName: "Incoming Call",
            missedCallNotificationChannelName: "Missed Call"
        ios: IOSParams(
          iconName: 'CallKitLogo',
          handleType: 'generic',
          supportsVideo: true,
          maximumCallGroups: 2,
          maximumCallsPerCallGroup: 1,
          audioSessionMode: 'default',
          audioSessionActive: true,
          audioSessionPreferredSampleRate: 44100.0,
          audioSessionPreferredIOBufferDuration: 0.005,
          supportsDTMF: true,
          supportsHolding: true,
          supportsGrouping: false,
          supportsUngrouping: false,
          ringtonePath: 'system_ringtone_default',
      await FlutterCallkitIncoming.showCallkitIncoming(callKitParams);

    Note: Firebase Message: @pragma('vm:entry-point')

  • request permission for post Notification Android 13+ For Android 13 and above, please requestNotificationPermission before showCallkitIncoming

      await FlutterCallkitIncoming.requestNotificationPermission({
        "rationaleMessagePermission": "Notification permission is required, to show notification.",
        "postNotificationMessageRequired": "Notification permission is required, Please allow notification permission from setting."
  • Show miss call notification

      this._currentUuid = _uuid.v4();
      CallKitParams params = CallKitParams(
        id: _currentUuid,
        nameCaller: 'Hien Nguyen',
        handle: '0123456789',
        type: 1,
        textMissedCall: 'Missed call',
        textCallback: 'Call back',
        extra: <String, dynamic>{'userId': '1a2b3c4d'},
      await FlutterCallkitIncoming.showMissCallNotification(params);
  • Started an outgoing call

      this._currentUuid = _uuid.v4();
      CallKitParams params = CallKitParams(
        id: this._currentUuid,
        nameCaller: 'Hien Nguyen',
        handle: '0123456789',
        type: 1,
        extra: <String, dynamic>{'userId': '1a2b3c4d'},
        ios: IOSParams(handleType: 'generic')
      await FlutterCallkitIncoming.startCall(params);
  • Ended an incoming/outgoing call

      await FlutterCallkitIncoming.endCall(this._currentUuid);
  • Ended all calls

      await FlutterCallkitIncoming.endAllCalls();
  • Get active calls. iOS: return active calls from Callkit(only id), Android: only return last call

      await FlutterCallkitIncoming.activeCalls();


    [{"id": "8BAA2B26-47AD-42C1-9197-1D75F662DF78", ...}]
  • Set status call connected (only for iOS - used to determine Incoming Call or Outgoing Call status in phone book)

      await FlutterCallkitIncoming.setCallConnected(this._currentUuid);

    After the call is ACCEPT or startCall please call this func. normally it should be called when webrtc/p2p.... is established.

  • Get device push token VoIP. iOS: return deviceToken, Android: Empty

      await FlutterCallkitIncoming.getDevicePushTokenVoIP();


    <device token>

    Make sure using SwiftFlutterCallkitIncomingPlugin.sharedInstance?.setDevicePushTokenVoIP(deviceToken) inside AppDelegate.swift (Example)

    func pushRegistry(_ registry: PKPushRegistry, didUpdate credentials: PKPushCredentials, for type: PKPushType) {
        let deviceToken = credentials.token.map { String(format: "%02x", $0) }.joined()
        //Save deviceToken to your server
    func pushRegistry(_ registry: PKPushRegistry, didInvalidatePushTokenFor type: PKPushType) {
  • Listen events

      FlutterCallkitIncoming.onEvent.listen((CallEvent event) {
        switch (event!.event) {
          case Event.actionCallIncoming:
            // TODO: received an incoming call
          case Event.actionCallStart:
            // TODO: started an outgoing call
            // TODO: show screen calling in Flutter
          case Event.actionCallAccept:
            // TODO: accepted an incoming call
            // TODO: show screen calling in Flutter
          case Event.actionCallDecline:
            // TODO: declined an incoming call
          case Event.actionCallEnded:
            // TODO: ended an incoming/outgoing call
          case Event.actionCallTimeout:
            // TODO: missed an incoming call
          case Event.actionCallCallback:
            // TODO: only Android - click action `Call back` from missed call notification
          case Event.actionCallToggleHold:
            // TODO: only iOS
          case Event.actionCallToggleMute:
            // TODO: only iOS
          case Event.actionCallToggleDmtf:
            // TODO: only iOS
          case Event.actionCallToggleGroup:
            // TODO: only iOS
          case Event.actionCallToggleAudioSession:
            // TODO: only iOS
          case Event.actionDidUpdateDevicePushTokenVoip:
            // TODO: only iOS
          case Event.actionCallCustom:
            // TODO: for custom action
  • Call from Native (iOS/Android)

      //Swift iOS
      var info = [String: Any?]()
      info["id"] = "44d915e1-5ff4-4bed-bf13-c423048ec97a"
      info["nameCaller"] = "Hien Nguyen"
      info["handle"] = "0123456789"
      info["type"] = 1
      //... set more data
      SwiftFlutterCallkitIncomingPlugin.sharedInstance?.showCallkitIncoming(flutter_callkit_incoming.Data(args: info), fromPushKit: true)
      //please make sure call `completion()` at the end of the pushRegistry(......, completion: @escaping () -> Void)
      // or `DispatchQueue.main.asyncAfter(deadline: .now() + 1.5) { completion() }`
      // if you don't call completion() in pushRegistry(......, completion: @escaping () -> Void), there may be app crash by system when receiving voIP
        //Kotlin/Java Android

      let data = flutter_callkit_incoming.Data(id: "44d915e1-5ff4-4bed-bf13-c423048ec97a", nameCaller: "Hien Nguyen", handle: "0123456789", type: 0)
      data.nameCaller = "Johnny"
      data.extra = ["user": "abc@123", "platform": "ios"]
      //... set more data
      SwiftFlutterCallkitIncomingPlugin.sharedInstance?.showCallkitIncoming(data, fromPushKit: true)

      #if __has_include(<flutter_callkit_incoming/flutter_callkit_incoming-Swift.h>)
      #import <flutter_callkit_incoming/flutter_callkit_incoming-Swift.h>
      #import "flutter_callkit_incoming-Swift.h"
      Data * data = [[Data alloc]initWithId:@"44d915e1-5ff4-4bed-bf13-c423048ec97a" nameCaller:@"Hien Nguyen" handle:@"0123456789" type:1];
      [data setNameCaller:@"Johnny"];
      [data setExtra:@{ @"userId" : @"HelloXXXX", @"key2" : @"value2"}];
      //... set more data
      [SwiftFlutterCallkitIncomingPlugin.sharedInstance showCallkitIncoming:data fromPushKit:YES];

      //send custom event from native
      SwiftFlutterCallkitIncomingPlugin.sharedInstance?.sendEventCustom(body: ["customKey": "customValue"])
        //Kotlin/Java Android
        FlutterCallkitIncomingPlugin.getInstance().sendEventCustom(body: Map<String, Any>)
  1. Properties

    Prop Description Default
    id UUID identifier for each call. UUID should be unique for every call and when the call is ended, the same UUID for that call to be used. suggest using uuid. ACCEPT ONLY UUID Required
    nameCaller Caller's name. None
    appName App's name. using for display inside Callkit(iOS). App Name, Deprecated for iOS > 14, default using App name
    avatar Avatar's URL used for display for Android. /android/src/main/res/drawable-xxxhdpi/ic_default_avatar.png None
    handle Phone number/Email/Any. None
    type 0 - Audio Call, 1 - Video Call 0
    duration Incoming call/Outgoing call display time (second). If the time is over, the call will be missed. 30000
    textAccept Text Accept used in Android Accept
    textDecline Text Decline used in Android Decline
    extra Any data added to the event when received. {}
    headers Any data for custom header avatar/background image. {}
    missedCallNotification Android data needed to customize Miss Call Notification. Below
    android Android data needed to customize UI. Below
    ios iOS data needed. Below

  • Missed Call Notification

    Prop Description Default
    subtitle Text Missed Call used in Android (show in miss call notification) Missed Call
    callbackText Text Call back used in Android (show in miss call notification) Call back
    showNotification Show missed call notification when timeout true
    isShowCallback Show callback action from miss call notification. true
  • Android

    Prop Description Default
    isCustomNotification Using custom notifications. false
    isCustomSmallExNotification Using custom notification small on some devices clipped out in android. false
    isShowLogo Show logo app inside full screen. /android/src/main/res/drawable-xxxhdpi/ic_logo.png false
    ringtonePath File name ringtone. put file into /android/app/src/main/res/raw/ringtone_default.pm3 system_ringtone_default
    using ringtone default of the phone
    backgroundColor Incoming call screen background color. #0955fa
    backgroundUrl Using image background for Incoming call screen. example: http://... https://... or "assets/abc.png" None
    actionColor Color used in button/text on notification. #4CAF50
    incomingCallNotificationChannelName Notification channel name of incoming call. Incoming call
    missedCallNotificationChannelName Notification channel name of missed call. Missed call

  • iOS

    Prop Description Default
    iconName App's Icon. using for display inside Callkit(iOS) CallKitLogo
    using from Images.xcassets/CallKitLogo
    handleType Type handle call generic, number, email generic
    supportsVideo true
    maximumCallGroups 2
    maximumCallsPerCallGroup 1
    audioSessionMode None, gameChat, measurement, moviePlayback, spokenAudio, videoChat, videoRecording, voiceChat, voicePrompt
    audioSessionActive true
    audioSessionPreferredSampleRate 44100.0
    audioSessionPreferredIOBufferDuration 0.005
    supportsDTMF true
    supportsHolding true
    supportsGrouping true
    supportsUngrouping true
    ringtonePath Add file to root project xcode /ios/Runner/Ringtone.caf and Copy Bundle Resources(Build Phases) Ringtone.caf
    using ringtone default of the phone
  1. Source code

    please checkout repo github

  1. Pushkit - Received VoIP and Wake app from Terminated State (only for IOS)

  1. Todo
  • Run background

  • Simplify the setup process

💡 Demo #

  1. Demo Illustration:
  2. Image
iOS(Lockscreen) iOS(full screen) iOS(Alert)
Android(Lockscreen) - Audio Android(Alert) - Audio Android(Lockscreen) - Video
Android(Alert) - Video isCustomNotification: false
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Flutter Callkit Incoming to show callkit screen in your Flutter app.

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