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Flutter plugin for connecting and communicationg with Bluetooth Low Energy devices, on Android and iOS

1.3.1 #

  • Reverted: Ios: fixed manufacturer data parsing #104 (thanks to sqcsabbey)

1.3.0 #

  • Ios: fixed manufacturer data parsing #104 (thanks to sqcsabbey)
  • Ios: Fixed an error when calling the connect method of a connected device #106 (thanks to figureai)
  • Android: Scan Filter by Mac Address #57 (thanks to Zyr00)
  • Upgrading to linter 2.0.1, excluding generated ProtoBuf files from linting. (thanks to MrCsabaToth)

1.2.0 #

  • connect timeout fixed (thanks to crazy-rodney, sophisticode, SkuggaEdward, MousyBusiness and cthurston)
  • Add timestamp field to ScanResult class #59 (thanks to simon-iversen)
  • Add FlutterBlue.name to get the human readable device name #:wq93 (thanks to mvo5)
  • Fix bug where if there were multiple subscribers to FlutterBlue.state and one cancelled it would accidentally cancel all subscribers (thank to MacMalainey and MrCsabaToth)

1.1.3 #

  • Read RSSI from a connected BLE device #1 (thanks to sophisticode)
  • Fixed a crash on Android OS 12 (added check for BLUETOOTH_CONNECT permission) (fixed by dspells)
  • Added BluetoothDevice constructor from id (MAC address) (thanks to tanguypouriel)
  • The previous version wasn't disconnecting properly and the device could be still connected under the hood as the cancel() was not called. (fixed by killalad)
  • dependencies update (min micro version updating)

1.1.2 #

  • Remove connect to BLE device after BLE device has disconnected #11 (fixed by sophisticode)
  • fixed Dart Analysis warnings

1.1.1 #

  • Copyright reverted to Paul DeMarco

1.1.0 #

  • Possible crash fix caused by wrong raw data (fixed by narrit)
  • Ios : try reconnect on unexpected disconnection (fixed by EB-Plum)
  • Android: Add missing break in switch, which causes exceptions (fixed by russelltg)
  • Android: Enforcing maxSdkVersion on the ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission will create issues for Android 12 devices that use location for purposes other than Bluetooth (such as using packages that actually need location). (fixed by rickcasson)

1.0.3 #

*Minor changes

1.0.2 #

*Version check done.

1.0.1 #

*Add connection priority function to manipulate the connection priority while sending file from app to device.

1.0.0 #

  • First public release

Versions made while fixing bugs in fork https://github.com/boskokg/flutter_blue: #

0.12.0 #

Supporting Android 12 Bluetooth permissions. #940

0.12.0 #

Delay Bluetooth permission & turn-on-Bluetooth system popups on iOS #964

0.11.0 #

The timeout was throwing out of the Future's scope #941 Expose onValueChangedStream #882 Android: removed V1Embedding Android: removed graddle.properties Android: enable background usage Android: cannot handle devices that do not set CCCD_ID (2902) includes BLUNO #185 #797 Android: add method for getting bonded devices #586 Ios: remove support only for x86_64 simulators Ios: Don't initialize CBCentralManager until needed #599

0.10.0 #

mtuRequest returns the negotiated MTU Android: functions to turn on/off bluetooth Android: add null check if channel is already teared down Android: code small refactoring (fixed AS warnings) Android: add null check if channel is already teared down Ios: widen protobuf version allowed

0.9.0 #

Android migrate to mavenCentral. Android support build on Macs M1 Android protobuf-gradle-plugin:0.8.15 -> 0.8.17 Ios example upgrade to latest flutter 2.5 deprecated/removed widgets fixed in example

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Flutter plugin for connecting and communicationg with Bluetooth Low Energy devices, on Android and iOS

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