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A new Flutter plugin for longev.ai.


Introduction #

FlutterBle is a bluetooth plugin for Flutter, a new mobile SDK to help developers build modern apps for iOS and Android. fork of FlutterBlue

Cross-Platform Bluetooth LE #

FlutterBle aims to offer the most from both platforms (iOS and Android).

Using the FlutterBle instance, you can scan for and connect to nearby devices (BluetoothDevice). Once connected to a device, the BluetoothDevice object can discover services (BluetoothService), characteristics (BluetoothCharacteristic), and descriptors (BluetoothDescriptor). The BluetoothDevice object is then used to directly interact with characteristics and descriptors.

Usage #

Obtain an instance #

FlutterBle flutterBlue = FlutterBle.instance;

Scan for devices #

/// Start scanning
var scanSubscription = flutterBlue.scan().listen((scanResult) {
    // do something with scan result

/// Stop scanning

Connect to a device #

/// Create a connection to the device
var deviceConnection = flutterBlue.connect(device).listen((s) {
    if(s == BluetoothDeviceState.connected) {
        // device is connected, do something

/// Disconnect from device

Discover services #

List<BluetoothService> services = await device.discoverServices();
services.forEach((service) {
    // do something with service

Read and write characteristics #

// Reads all characteristics
var characteristics = service.characteristics;
for(BluetoothCharacteristic c in characteristics) {
    List<int> value = await device.readCharacteristic(c);

// Writes to a characteristic
await device.writeCharacteristic(c, [0x12, 0x34])

Read and write descriptors #

// Reads all descriptors
var descriptors = characteristic.descriptors;
for(BluetoothDescriptor d in descriptors) {
    List<int> value = await device.readDescriptor(d);

// Writes to a descriptor
await device.writeDescriptor(d, [0x12, 0x34])

Set notifications #

await device.setNotifyValue(characteristic, true);
device.onValueChanged(characteristic).listen((value) {
    // do something with new value

Reference #

FlutterBle API #

scanStarts a scan for Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
connectEstablishes a connection to the Bluetooth Device.
stateGets the current state of the Bluetooth Adapter.
onStateChangedStream of state changes for the Bluetooth Adapter.

BluetoothDevice API #

discoverServicesDiscovers services offered by the remote device as well as their characteristics and descriptors.
servicesGets a list of services. Requires that discoverServices() has completed.
readCharacteristicRetrieves the value of a specified characteristic.
readDescriptorRetrieves the value of a specified descriptor.
writeCharacteristicWrites the value of a characteristic.
writeDescriptorWrites the value of a descriptor.
setNotifyValueSets notifications or indications on the specified characteristic.
onValueChangedNotifies when the characteristic's value has changed.
stateGets the current state of the Bluetooth Device.
onStateChangedNotifies of state changes for the Bluetooth Device.

Troubleshooting #

Scanning for service UUID's doesn't return any results #

Make sure the device is advertising which service UUID's it supports. This is found in the advertisement packet as UUID 16 bit complete list or UUID 128 bit complete list.

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A new Flutter plugin for longev.ai.



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