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An image slider to represent your products..:)

flexi_productimage_slider #

An image slider to represents your products..:)

Features #

  • set image slider with its rest of the thumbnails
  • it provides 2 style and each contains square & circle thumbnail with 3 styles

Installation #

In your pubspec.yaml file within your Flutter Project:

  flexi_productimage_slider: <latest_version>

Usage #

aspectRatio : set this value as per your image ratio

boxFit : how your image should fit in box

thumbnailPosition : where you want present the rest of the images to end user

thumbnailShape : set thumbnail shapes either sqaure or circle

sliderStyle : Style1 : display thumbnails on the image (left , right , bottom)
              Style2 : display thumbnails next to image (left , right , bottom)

import 'package:flexi_productimage_slider/flexi_productimage_slider.dart';

                    arrayImages: [
                    aspectRatio: 16/9,
                    boxFit: BoxFit.cover,
                    thumbnailPosition: ThumbnailPosition.LEFT,
                    thumbnailShape: ThumbnailShape.Circle,
                    sliderStyle: SliderStyle.Style2

Additional information #

Images used for example is just for a demo purpose.