An image slider to represents your products..:)


  • Slide your products with thumbnail
  • set your thumbnail in any shapes, color, corner radius, size , alignment etc. as per your requirements
  • perform your action on click on image


In your pubspec.yaml file within your Flutter Project:

  flexi_productimage_slider: 1.1.0

import 'package:flexi_productimage_slider/flexi_productimage_slider.dart';

        //required fields
        arrayImages: const [
        // optional fields
        //set where you want to set your thumbnail
        sliderStyle: SliderStyle.nextToSlider,//.overSlider, .nextToSlider
        // set you slider height like 1.0,1.5,2.0 etc...
        aspectRatio: 0.8,
        //set content mode of image
        boxFit: BoxFit.cover,

        //set this if you want to set any default image index when it loads
        selectedImagePosition: 0,
        //set your thumbnail alignment 
        thumbnailAlignment: ThumbnailAlignment.bottom,//.right , .left, .bottom

        //set how selected thumbnail border displayed
        thumbnailBorderType: ThumbnailBorderType.all,//.bottom, .all

        //set selected thumbnail border width
        thumbnailBorderWidth: 1.5,//double value
        //set thumbnail corner radius
        thumbnailBorderRadius: 10,
        //set your thumbnail height & width
        //NOTE : if you set ThumbnailShape.circle then set thumbnail width height same
        thumbnailWidth: 50,
        thumbnailHeight: 65,
        //set color of current image thumbnail border
        thumbnailBorderColor: Colors.blue,
        //make you action when user click on image
        onTap: (index){
           print("selected index : $index");

           //for zooming effect on click use gallery_zoom_slides
           Navigator.push(context, MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context)=>
                        //required fields
                        arrayImages: arrayImages,
                        //Optional fields
                        zoomTheme: ZoomTheme.theme3,//.theme1, .theme2, .theme3
                        selectedImagePosition: index,
                        selectedThumbnailColor: Colors.blue,


NOTE : Images taken only for demo purpose


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