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Flame wrapper for integral_isolates making multi-threading easy in Flame


Adds support for integral_isolates to your Flame games.

flame_isolate #

The power of integral_isolates in your Flame game.

Usage #

Just add the mixin FlameIsolate to your component and start utilizing the power of an isolate as simple as running the compute function.


class MyGame extends FlameGame with FlameIsolate {
  void update(double dt) {
    if (shouldRecalculate) {
      isolate(recalculateWorld, worldData).then(updateWorld);

Performance note #

Keep in mind that every component with FlameIsolate mixin that you create and add to your game will create a new isolate. This means you will probably want to create a manager component to manage a lot of "dumber" components. Think of it like ants, where the queen controls the worker ants. If every individual worker ant got it's own isolate, it would be a total waste of power, hence you would put it on the queen, which in turn tells all the worker ants what to do.

A simple example of this can be found in the example application for the FlameIsolate package.

Backpressure Strategies #

Backpressure strategies is a way to cope with the job queue when job items are produced more rapidly than the isolate can handle them. This presents the problem of what to do with such a growing backlog of unhandled jobs. To mitigate this problem this library funnels all jobs through a job queue handler. Also known as BackpressureStrategy.

The ones currently supported are:

  • NoBackPressureStrategy that basically does not handle back pressure. It uses a FIFO stack for storing a backlog of unhandled jobs. -ReplaceBackpressureStrategy that has a job queue with size one, and discards the queue upon adding a new job. -DiscardNewBackPressureStrategy that has a job queue with size one, and as long as the queue is populated a new job will not be added.

You can specify a backpressure strategy by overriding the backpressureStrategy field. This will create the isolate with the specified strategy when component is mounted.

class MyGame extends FlameGame with FlameIsolate {
  BackpressureStrategy get backpressureStrategy => ReplaceBackpressureStrategy();

Additional information #

You could expect this API to be mostly stable, but implementation of the underlying package (integral_isolates) is not fully finalized yet, and there is more features coming before both packages can count as stable.

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Flame wrapper for integral_isolates making multi-threading easy in Flame

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