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Fixle's flutter package. Use it to get feedback from clients/teams during app development.

Fixle Flutter #

This is a package to use Fixle in a flutter based app.

Fixle provides a platform for your team of mobile app developers, and product owners, to exchange feedback seamlessly during the app development phase in real-time.

Features #

  1. A user-friendly Fixle utility bar appears over your app.


  2. The utility bar provides ability to add comments on app screens (by pressing app_bar_plus_sign.png). No need to take screenshots of the app screens and email them.

    clip make comment short.gif

  3. Go through previous comments and participate in conversations with the team, on the app itself, or on the Fixle Dashboard

    showing a thread 2.png showing a thread.png

  4. Enable/disable these functionalities for a particular version of this app on Fixle Dashboard-> Settings -> Enabled versions.

    add version_1.gif This flexibility means you (developer) can use Fixle during the development process and then turn it off when the app is ready for public release.

Features Coming soon: #

  1. Tag team members
  2. Login with Google for user identification.

Installation #

For integration, as an app developer, you just need to add 2 lines of code. Following are the steps:

  1. Paste fixle_flutter_feedback: ^0.0.1 under pubspec.yaml of your flutter APP project.
  2. Set up on Fixle.
    1. Go to Fixle Dashboard (Sign in if not already)
    2. Go to your project cCreate new project if not already)
    3. Add the version of your app mentioned in file pubspec.yaml
    4. Copy api key
  3. You will need to add fixle to your pubspec.yaml
       sdk: flutter
     fixle_feedback_flutter: 0.0.1 # use the latest version found on
  4. Go to the home widget of your APP project.
    1. Your home widget is the one which you mention under MaterialApp(home: HomeWidget()).
    2. Paste this in the build method of Home Widget:
      Fixle().showOverlay(context, 'api_key_that_you_copied_above');
  1. If you have different routes, mentioned under

      MaterialApp(home: HomeWidget(), routes: {
          '/search': (context) => SearchPage()

    then you will have to do this for all these route widgets too (SearchPage in this example). (Don't worry, there will just be one instance of Fixle utility bar created).

  2. That's it. When you deploy the app, and change the version, make sure to do step (2.iii) for this new version.

Additional information #

  1. Apple only supports digits and . for version string that you specify in your pubspec.yaml
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Fixle's flutter package. Use it to get feedback from clients/teams during app development.

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