firebase_chat 0.0.3
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Fully functional package for Cloud Firestore that makes easier to implement chat in your application

Firebase ChatπŸ”₯πŸ’¬ #

⛏️ Getting started #

To get started with Firebase, please see the documentation available at

Add Firebase Chat to your project by following the instructions on the install page and start using it:

import 'package:firebase_chat/firebase_chat.dart';

πŸ“± Example #

Extend your StatefulWidget #

class ChatPage extends BaseChat {
    @required ChatEntity entity,
  }) : super(entity);

  _ChatPageState createState() => _ChatPageState();

class _ChatPageState extends BaseChatState<ChatPage> {

Override Methods and Properties #

You can checkout example file

Widget inputBuilder(BuildContext context, ChatInputState state);
Future editAndUpload(Uint8List data);
Future getImage();

Widget get emptyWidget;
Widget get errorWidget;
Widget get loadingWidget;
Color  get primaryColor;
Color  get secondaryColor;

Models πŸ“¦ #

Peer User πŸ‘¨

  • id - user Id
  • image - user image url
  • name - user display name
  • PeerUser({, this.image,})
  • PeerUser.fromSnapshot(DocumentSnapshot snap)

Chat Entity πŸ“© #

  • mainUser - logged in user
  • peers - Map of users <user ID, PeerUser>
  • lastMessage - last sent message
  • title - name of the chat (You can name group chats, can be nullable)

License βš–οΈ #

Issues and feedback πŸ’­ #

If you have any suggestion for including a feature or if something doesn't work, feel free to open a Github issue for us to have a discussion on it.