ffi 1.0.0
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Utilities for working with Foreign Function Interface (FFI) code.

Changelog #

1.0.0 #

Bumping the version of this package to 1.0.0.

Removes all deprecated methods, use 0.3.0-nullsafety.3 for migration.

0.3.1-nullsafety.0 #

Deprecates the static methods on Utf8 and Utf16 and introduces extension methods to replace them.

0.3.0-nullsafety.3 #

Adds back in deprecated allocate and free to ease migration. These will be removed in the next release.

This pre-release requires Dart 2.12.0-259.9.beta or greater.

0.3.0-nullsafety.1 #

This pre-release requires Dart 2.12.0-259.8.beta or greater.

Note that this pre-release does not work in Flutter versions containing Dart 2.12.0-260.0.dev - 2.12.0-264.0.dev. Using Allocator.call throws a NoSuchMethodError in these versions. See Flutter Engine #23954 for more info.

0.3.0-nullsafety.0 #

Changes Utf8 and Utf16 to extend Opaque instead of Struct. This means .ref is no longer available and Pointer<Utf(..)> should be used. See breaking change #44622 for more info.

Removes allocate and free. Instead, introduces calloc which implements the new Allocator interface. See breaking change #44621 for more info.

This pre-release requires Dart 2.12.0-265.0.dev or greater.

0.2.0-nullsafety.1 #

Adds an optional named length argument to Utf8.fromUtf8().

0.2.0-nullsafety.0 #

Pre-release (non-stable) release supporting null safety. Requires Dart 2.12.0 or greater.

0.1.3 #

Stable release incorporating all the previous dev release changes.

Bump SDK constraint to >= 2.6.0.

0.1.3-dev.4 #

Bump SDK constraint to >= 2.6.0-dev.8.2 which contains the new API of dart:ffi.

0.1.3-dev.3 #

Replace use of deprecated asExternalTypedData with asTypedList.

0.1.3-dev.2 #

Incorporate struct API changes, drop type argument of structs.

0.1.3-dev.1 #

  • Adds top-level allocate<T>() and free() methods which can be used as a replacement for the deprecated Pointer.allocate<T>() and Pointer.free() members in dart:ffi.

0.1.1+2 #

  • Expand readme

0.1.1+1 #

  • Fix documentation link

0.1.1 #

  • Add basic Utf16 support

0.1.0 #

  • Initial release supporting Utf8
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Utilities for working with Foreign Function Interface (FFI) code.

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