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Plugin that allows Flutter apps to generate and print documents to compatible printers on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux, as well as web print.

Contains code to deal with internationalized/localized messages, date and number formatting and parsing, bi-directional text, and other internationalization issues.

A Dart library for accessing common Win32 APIs using FFI. No C required!

Secure Storage: Encrypted data store optionally secured by biometric lock with support for iOS, Android, MacOS. Partial support for Linux, Windows and web (localStorage).

Provides lightweight yet convenient bindings to SQLite by using dart:ffi

ObjectBox is a super-fast NoSQL ACID compliant object database.

Bitmap is a fast and minimalistic lib that heelps you to manipulate image on Flutter apps.

A helper library for command-line applications that need more control over input/output than the standard library provides.

A plugin that uses FFI to offer file selection in Windows using the modern common item dialog box.

Generator for FFI bindings, using LibClang to parse C header files.

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